John Deere tractors have never looked – or tasted – this good. Check out our gallery of epic tractor cakes.


Here are 10 amazing creations that will inspire you to baking greatness.


This elaborate design adds an astonishing level of detail to your standard tractor cake.





This cute little fondant cake looks just like a character out of the children’s movie “Cars”.





This butter cream and fondant covered cake features the John Deere logo front and centre.






Why stop at just the tractor when you can put the whole farm on the top of your cake?






This simple cupcake combination is the perfect option for people who aren’t quite ready for the more ambitious tractor designs.






This looks fancy, but the simple lines of the pasture are easy to create, and then you just need to add a toy tractor on top.






For those of you looking for something healthy but fun, this fruit-filled tractor trailer is a brilliant idea.





This clever combination turns simple rice krispy treats into hay bales that are loaded into the back of a toy tractor.






This cute cake features an adorable little passenger who has found their way onto the tractor bonnet.






Novice bakers need not apply! This impressive cake involves a serious amount of structural engineering.




We hope that you’ve enjoyed our gallery of epic tractor cakes – perfect for those little and big kids in your life.