There are tractors, and then there are tricked out tractors. Taking customisation to the extreme, these owners have their let their imaginations run wild to add serious style to their tractors. Equal parts hilarious and awe-inspiring, these awesome beasts will impress with their unique flair.

Here are 10 awesomely tricked out tractors for your viewing pleasure:

Tractor 1: This awesome combo merges the effortless cool of vintage cars with caterpillar tracks and a formidable front bucket.


Tractor 2: Easily the most epic paint job ever seen on a tractor. What’s the time, Mr Wolf? Harvesting time.


Tractor 3: For the discerning car aficionado, this tricked out tractor has the style and speed of a vintage hot rod.


Tractor 4: With a peacock blue chassis, silver flame paintwork and aluminium sheet accents, this tractor is too cool for school.


Tractor 5: Check out the world’s coolest chrome rims on the oversized wheels of this tricked out John Deere.


Tractor 6: One for the ladies… This hot pink number looks like an life-sized accessory from the Barbie toy range.


Tractor 7: Law enforcement vehicles have never looked this slow. They might not catch the bad guys but they’ll look good trying.


Tractor 8: Less “tricked out” than “knitted out”, someone has gone to great lengths to make this tractor look like a massive tea cosy.


Tractor 9: Sometimes you see something that makes you think: “Why hasn’t anyone ever thought of this before!?” This is not one of those things.


Tractor 10: It’s purple and it’s pumping. This is easily one of the wildest and most outlandish tractors you’ll ever see on the farm.