10 Phone Apps That Are
Guaranteed to Make Your Job Easier
Mobile devices have revolutionised the way we work

Mobile devices have revolutionised the way we work, and you no longer need to be stuck in an office or chained to a desk to take advantage of all the latest software. Agriculturalists, engineers and irrigation contractors take note: here are 10 of the best phone apps that will make your job easier.

  1. Multi Measures 2

Cost: Free 

What it does: This fantastic free app is like carrying a complete toolkit in your pocket – think of it as a virtual Swiss army knife. It turns your iPhone or iPad into a sophisticated measuring device, with 14 separate tools and a flashlight included too. The complete list of tools is as follows: barometer, altimeter, compass, decibel counter, teslameter, metronome, stopwatch, timer, seismometer, plumb bob, surface level, spirit level, ruler and protractor. It’s one of those invaluable apps that you will use all the time.

  1. Farm Manager

Cost: Free

What it does: Farm Manager allows farmers to record cropping, livestock, and machinery procedures, with the ability to record a full history of crops from planting to harvesting, and to record all chemical and fertilizer use. You can keep track of livestock with ear tag numbers, bloodlines, breed, and year born, plus record shearing and crutching dates. There are also sections that keep track of machinery maintenance, including engine oil and filter changes, transmission oil and filter changes, and hydro oil changes.

  1. Spray

Cost: $549 for full iOS version

What it does: Spray is the most comprehensive app recording agricultural chemical operations. There are a range of things you can record for every spray application, including multiple weather readings, detailed equipment settings, chemical lists, operator equipment and more. The free version gives near complete functionality, but in order to export reports you will need the full version. This app replaces manual log books, and stores all spray reports in the one convenient place.

  1. Weatherzone Plus

Cost: $1.99 on iOS, $2.99 on Android

What it does: A good weather app is a vital tool for anyone who works outdoors, and is of particular relevance to anyone working in the construction or agriculture sectors. Weatherzone Plus+ is the only Australian app to give three hourly forecasts for the next 48 hours, using BOM data, in-house models and expert meteorologists. It has an extensive list of features including fire danger rating, pollen forecast, lightning data, interactive rain radar, tides chart, moonrise and moonset times. 

  1. Crop Diseases

Cost: Free

What it does: This handy app is an exhaustive reference guide to common crop diseases. It provides quick access to the current disease resistance ratings, and features an extensive disease image library. You can compare the resistance ratings of a number of crop varieties for different diseases, and view common symptoms via photographs. It also allows you to explore detailed information on crop varieties, to map diseases and share images with your peers.

  1. Production Wise

Cost: Free

What it does: Production Wise is a web-based paddock record keeping system. It allows for mapping of fields and calculation of area using Google maps interface, and a proprietary model derives weather information on a 1km square grid basis. All field operations can be recorded with costs allocated and used for the compilation of gross margin reports. Grain can be tracked into farm storages or bulk handlers and allocated to contracts. The premium version adds weather and crop yield forecasting and analysis.

  1. Tractor Tracker

Cost: $7.99 on iOS, $9.99 on Android

What it does: The Tractor Tracker keeps track of heavy equipment, to ensure it’s being properly maintained. With all the information about your machinery in one handy spot, you can see maintenance and repair history at a glance. Each machine has tabs in the detail screen: an info tab where you can view the year, make, and model; serial number; filter part numbers and fluid capacities for engine oil, hydraulics, fuel, and air. It includes maintenance logs and the option to set up servicing reminders.

  1. ConvertPad Unit Converter

Cost: Free

What it does: This handy app makes unit conversions a breeze. With over 10 million downloads it is one of the most popular conversion apps around because it is so intuitive and easy to use. With real time currency and unit conversion in a clean interface, this app also includes a number of other features: multiple languages support, customising feature for favourite units, user-defined categories and thermodynamic steam tables. ConvertPad takes the guesswork out of measurements.

9. Sirrus

Cost: Free

What it does: Sirrus allows you to digitise field boundaries, soil sample, scout crops, check weather conditions and graph rainfall estimates per field. You can use it to drive field boundaries using GPS or draw them using high-resolution background imagery. It also allows you to soil sample via a grid, zones, or previous soil sampling points; view weather forecasts, current conditions and historical rainfall graphs; record scouting data such as pest pressure, stand counts and more. 

  1. Countdown Mastitis Toolkit

Cost: Free

What it does: This nifty app has been designed to help manage mastitis control for your herds. Whether you want to know a liner change date, the health of cows teats or information on teat disinfectant, this app is comprehensive, up-to-date and easy to use. The library contains a number of articles and tips about mastitis control, and there are several calculators included to help determine clinical costs, lower BMCC benefits, liner life, antibiotics and teat condition.

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Mobile devices have revolutionised the way we work, and you no longer need to be stuck in an office or chained to a desk to take advantage of all the latest software. Agriculturalists, engineers and irrigation contractors take note: here are 10 of the best phone apps that will make your job easier.