10 Times People Came Up
With Creative Ways to Use Their Tractors
Tractors – is there nothing they can’t do?

Tractors – is there nothing they can’t do? We’ve seen them hard at work on the farm, but it’s impossible to underestimate the many wonderful applications they are capable of. These people here have seen the infinite potential of the tractor, and have milked it for maximum hilarity.

Here are 10 of the most creative uses we have seen:

Creative Use 1: When the reindeers are having an off-day, it’s time to improvise. Nothing stops Santa from making his Christmas deliveries.


Creative Use 2: Spending a day on the tractor can really build up a thirst. Good thing that it can also multi-task while the esky is on the front.


Creative Use 3: This man was arrested for pulling a keg couch behind his tractor so we don’t recommend it, but we truly applaud the effort.


Creative Use 4: There is nothing cuter than this picture of a little girl walking her cow while riding a toy tractor.



Creative Use 5: Another creative use here, with a tractor dressed up as scary Halloween prop. At least, we hope it’s just a prop.


Creative Use 6: This man wins “Human of the Century” for using his tractor to take homeless dogs on train rides.


Creative Use 7: Need a swanky wedding car? Why hire a pink Hummer or a stretch limo when you can sweep the bride off her feet in a John Deere tractor.



Creative Use 8: And when the reception is over, this designated driver makes sure that you entire wedding party gets home safe and sound.


Creative Use 9: These creative lads have somehow managed to reconfigure their tractor as a passenger ferry.


Creative Use 10: And when all else fails, you can use the tractor to move your elephants around the farm, just because.

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Please note that Kerfab does in no way condone using farm machinery in any dangerous ways. At Kerfab we strive to provide the safest working solutions.