Ever have that sinking feeling at work when you finally realise that you’ve made a big mistake – but it’s too late? If so, you’ll have a lot in common with these people. Here are 15 of the most hilarious construction fails you are ever likely to see.


This costly construction fail defies explanation. How could they get something so massive, so very wrong?


This is what happens when you leave your first year apprentice in charge of checking the spirit level.


As if car park exits aren’t already hard enough to find, this ramp takes things to a whole new level.


Staircase: check. Balustrading: check: Safety rail: check. Second floor entry: errrr…. I think we forgot something.


STOP! You had one job!


I’m no architect, but I think someone might have misplaced this hand rail.


If Dr Seuss designed actual buildings…


First floor: menswear, hosiery and socks. Second floor: solid walls, head knocks and faceplants.


Safety in the workplace comes above all else. In this case, it comes above Kev’s head in the form of a makeshift scaffold.


These guys missed the module in the safety training seminar that cautioned against lifting a forklift with another forklift.


Someone is going to be in a lot of trouble with the head engineer right about now.


Move along, nothing to see here. Another job well done.


Hey mate can you pass me the can opener? It’s in the third draw down.


Just when you think nothing makes sense, you realise someone has cleverly placed a chair so you can climb over the heater to get into the doorway.



This has to be the best way to save money I’ve seen in a very long time.




If you think you’re having a bad day, spare a thought for the people involved in our gallery of hilarious construction fails. Bad day or not, we hope they’ve at least given you something to chuckle about.