In the battle of the brooms, who comes out on top? In one corner we have the ActiSweep Megabrush and in the other we have the Sweepex Megabroom. Both are very worthy rivals and are two of the most popular sweeper attachments on the market. When these two heavyweights come up against each other, which one prevails?

The ActiSweep Megabrush

The ActiSweep is a versatile attachment that adapts to a number of motorised vehicles and machines. With a rapid set up, it requires next to nothing in the way of training to use. Designed to handle heavy and substantial waste, it has the power to dispatch rubbish without producing residual dust. The unit is robust and maintenance-free, with brushes that have an extended working life of approximately 1000 kilometres. The v-concept brush is a unique feature that prevents material spilling out the side.

Summary of main features:

  • Fits most vehicles and machines
  • Extended brush life
  • Patented v-concept brush
  • Impressive sweeping power

The Sweepex MegaBroom 

The Sweepex Megabroom is a low maintenance attachment, with no moving parts to maintain. It can be attached to lift trucks, tractors or skid steers, and features 11 rows of polypropylene brush sections. It has reversible bristles and replaceable brush sections that are quick and easy to remove. It can handle a variety of debris, tackling things like dirt, leaves, snow, material spills, standing water, steel shavings and gravel.

Summary of main features:

  • Replaceable brush sections
  • Reversible bristles
  • Low maintenance
  • No flying debris

The Verdict

The Sweepex Megabroom is a durable, low maintenance option that gets the thumbs up minimising dust and flying debris. The ActiSweep wins points for being European built, with the quality of manufacturing reflected in the long life of the bristles. With the option to bolt on hitch and to select from two different width ranges, the ActiSweep makes a strong case for being the more versatile of the two. The v-bristle concept is also an interesting feature of note, an innovation which distinguishes it from other models on the market.

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