GO + Range Attachments

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Attachments for
Wheel loader

Endless Wheel loader attachements

Biggest telehandler attachment range available

With such a large range it can be hard to keep up. Kerfab are experts when it comes to wheel loader attachment’s offering endless options from; Buckets, specialist buckets, grapples, pallets, general purpose forks, bale handling attachments, stone forks, log grabs, rakes, pusher blades, lifting jibs, sweepers and quick hitches. Did we mention that we can customise also?!

Engineering at its best!

A wheel loader is already a versatile machine, but with the addition of a quick hitch, it truly transforms into a multi-tasking marvel. From handling logs to clearing vegetation and acting as an all-terrain forklift, the quick hitch ensures you’re making the best possible uses of your existing machine.