Ever wondered what specific attachment you need for various tasks? We match five common tractor attachments to the environment that best suits them.

There is an attachment to suit all kinds of environments. If you need a unit to handle silage, clear muck and debris from wet areas or clean out the feedlot, we can match you up with the best tractor attachment to get the job done.


Environment Type: Silage

Attachment Type: Silage Shear Grab

The silage shear grab is one of the best attachments to use when it comes to silage handling, as it has been designed to cut a clean sealed face on the silage pit to prevent oxidisation of the clamp face. It can work with every type of silage (including grass longer than 8cm) and makes cutting and unloading silage quick and simple to perform. This popular attachment is lightweight and easy to use, requiring minimal oil flow. With excellent operating times, the largest model (2400mm) is capable of loading a 10m3 mixer in around 10 minutes.


Environment Type: Feedlot

Attachment Type: The Acti-Sweep

The Acti-Sweep is a versatile attachment that fits to a wide variety of machines including telehandlers, wheel loaders, agricultural loaders, forklifts, backhoe loaders and skid steers. It has been designed to efficiently sweep up a variety of waste materials and can also be used in muck sweeping applications, removing wet and dry muck from pathways, feed pads and traffic areas. It’s also effective at clearing away silage in shed lanes, and to tidy up other areas around the silage pit. With no hydraulic connections required, it’s quick and easy to set up.


Environment Type: Earthmoving

Attachment Type: Longhorn Blade

The longhorn blade is a versatile unit that has been designed to work in earthmoving environments. In addition to being used in silage applications, the longhorn can perform a variety of earthmoving tasks. These include clearing scrub and land, as well as levelling dirt and grading. This handy attachment can also handle large volumes of brush, tree limbs and other assorted types of plant debris. Fully compatible with high horsepower four-wheel drive tractors, the Longhorn series 6-way angling capabilities provides full strength at all angles.


Environment Type: Wet Areas

Attachment Type: Yard Scraper

 The yard scraper is an ideal attachment for use in wet areas, clearing tracks, sheds and yards of unwanted effluent and waste. It has been designed to shift manure efficiently, simply and quickly, keeping your farm yards, stables and sheds free from waste. Unlike other attachments, the yard scraper scrapes the surface without gouging the ground or destroying soil and concrete paths, leaving a damage and debris-free surface that will optimise the health and safety of your livestock by removing waste that promotes the spread of disease.


Environment Type: Scrub Clearing

Attachment Type: Ag Loader Stick Rake

 The ag loader stick rake is perfect for use in scrub clearing environments. This rugged attachment is designed to suit skid steers and agricultural tractors up to 120 horsepower. It can be produced with various options like side wings to ensure all material is kept in front of the rake, and a plated section in front of hitch to ensure protection of the hitch and hydraulic components. It can be used for clearing overgrown paddocks, preparing fields for mowing or slashing, light grading, levelling and soil surface preparation.


No matter what type of environment, Kerfab has the right attachment to get the job done. From light earthmoving jobs to silage preparation and scrub clearing, there are a range of options to suit.