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Ask us how onboard weighing systems will lift the weight off your shoulders

Here at Kerfab, we’re excited to introduce a product range so versatile that it will make you wonder how you ever did business without it. And the best part is you don’t have to.

Eight epic overloads

We all know overloading vehicles leads to unsafe situations and causes injuries and deaths. If you need a reminder, here are the eight biggest dangers of overloading your truck

Onboard Weighing Systems will revolutionise your business

Using an onboard weighing system allows you to transport the maximum payload without any risk of overloading and keeps customers happy by making sure they get what they pay for.

Increase productivity with onboard weighing systems

Weighing materials in real-time using an onboard weighing system is accurate, safe and saves time and money.

This New Broom Definitely
Sweeps Clean

It sweeps all before it…grains & cereals, bark, wood shavings, sawdust, sand & gravel, aggregates, compost, silage, snow, green waste, timber and metal recycling material the works, even large quantities of heavy industrial materials.

How buying heavy duty attachments
needn’t be heavy going

We offer clients throughout Australia one of the widest choices of industrial-strength attachments they’ve seen…and some they haven’t seen because if we don’t have the heavy duty attachments you want, we can make them for you.

The KerFab High Dump Bucket
has been Re-Designed!

With the past design, the bottom open C section which encases the main lift cylinders at the base of the bucket tended to collect debris and other material – this often interfered with the machine’s ram oscillation and movement.

Which Sweeping Attachment
or Broom Module is right for you?

KerFab distribute such a superb range of Sweeping Attachments and Brooms, how do you know which one will do the job for you?

With a Concrete Mixer Bucket,
you’ll be set.

Designed to make short work out of all concreting, cementing or mortaring jobs – especially in inhospitable areas with difficult access – this ingeniously designed mixer bucket has streamlined the entire loading, mixing and delivery process.

Custom attachments are
KerFab’s speciality.

Relax, as Australia’s leading specialists in materials handling and earthmoving attachments, we have the nous, the ability and capability to conceptualise, design and create whatever custom attachments you have in mind.

Buying materials handling attachments?
It will pay you to read this first!


FAQ: Broom Sweepers
Vs Collection Sweepers

Broom sweepers versus collection sweepers. What is the difference? What do they do? And why does it matter? We’ve put together this quick and simple guide to help you, based on some of our most frequently asked questions.

Three Sweepers You’ll Wish
You Knew About Yesterday

No one wants to waste precious manpower in the pursuit of a clean yard, when there are other more time and cost-effective ways to get the job done. There are easier ways to achieve the same result, and none of them involve any of your staff members sweeping with a broom for hours on end.

Why a Sweeper Attachment is ?

It’s no secret that cleaning can be a time-consuming, costly and cumbersome task. Why make it any harder than it needs to be. You can slash the amount of time and money it takes to keep your yard up to speed, with minimum of fuss.

The 3 Questions You Should Ask
Yourself Before Buying
a Sweeper Attachment

Decisions, decisions… If you are reading this you’ve been thinking about how to solve a problem that’s been plaguing you at work. The dreaded yard clean. If you’ve been “umming” and “aaahing” about whether or not to invest in an attachment sweeper, we’ve got three simple questions for you.

How to Get a Cleaner Yard

All About Cleaning Yard By KerFaB

Three Reasons the Acti-Sweep
is Impressing People

Ever since we have launched the Acti-Sweep we’ve been swept away (get it?) by the response from our customers. It’s hard to pick just three reasons why the Acti-Sweep has made such a great impression, but from your feedback we’ve finally managed to narrow it down. You can also get your two-minute guide here!

Send in the Sweepers! Messy
Yard Fails That Must Be Seen
to Be Believed

There’s nothing like gloating over someone else’s messy yard to make you realise that yours isn’t so bad. From immense scrap piles in salvage yards to mounds of muck in the farmyard, we’ve been on the lookout for the best of the worst when it comes to waste products.

ActiSweep Megabrush VS Sweepex Megabroom

In the battle of the brooms, who comes out on top? In one corner we have the ActiSweep Megabrush and in the other we have the Sweepex Megabroom. Both are very worthy rivals and are two of the most popular sweeper attachments on the market. When these two heavyweights come up against each other, which one prevails?

Extremely Clean Yards that
Will Make You Want to
Get Up and Sweep

We’ve taken a virtual trip around the world to create this photo gallery of the cleanest yards we could possibly find. Full marks to our top ten contenders, who were selected from the transport, shipping, agriculture, logistics and merchandising industries.

Seven Reasons You Need the
Materials Auger Bucket in Your Life

All that back-breaking manual work you’ve been doing – it’s a thing of the past. If you are in agriculture, civil construction or irrigation, reading this could literally change your life! You may never have heard of it before, but the materials auger bucket is brilliant for feeding out, trench backfilling and general farm use, and it also makes light work of pipe and drain laying.

10 Phone Apps That Are
Guaranteed to Make Your Job Easier

Mobile devices have revolutionised the way we work, and you no longer need to be stuck in an office or chained to a desk to take advantage of all the latest software. Agriculturalists, engineers and irrigation contractors take note: here are 10 of the best phone apps that will make your job easier.

Backfilling: What is an Auger Bucket
and How Can it Help?

You may never have heard of it, but the auger bucket is the best kept secret to simple and efficient trench back filling. It will transform the way commercial plumbers, civil and irrigation contractors work, taking the backbreaking labour out of back filling and making light work of the toughest jobs.

Case Study: Kerfab Materials

The materials auger bucket was perfect for dealing with large volumes of unscreened mulch material that comes with maintaining the National Arboretum in Canberra. It’s ability to multi-task is what makes it such a successful option for BurHor, as it can handle a variety of material placement tasks including mulching, placing gypsum and soil distribution. The auger bucket has resulted in massive productivity gains, enabling BurHor to quote cheaper and work faster by reducing labour costs, overheads, noise, compaction and dust.

High Dump Versus Standard Buckets:

Choosing the right bucket to get the job done is crucial, and sometimes it’s necessary to go above and beyond the standard offering. The most obvious distinction between high dump buckets and standard buckets is that they have greatly increased dump heights, but there are other differences too. Here are the six main ways that high dump and standard buckets differ:

Top 10 Ways You Can
Make Loading Materials
into a Truck Easier

Loading trucks can be laborious and time-consuming work, but it doesn’t always have to be. Here are some of the best industry tips and techniques to make loading materials into a truck easier and more effective:

QUIZ: 9 Things You Need to Know
When Loading a Truck.
How Many Can You Answer?

So you think you know everything when it comes to loading a truck? Test your knowledge with our 9 question quiz!

Whoops! Eleven of the Most
Epic Truck Loading
Fails Ever

From cases of beer to dropped logs and smashed watermelons, here are eleven of the most epic truck loading fails we’ve ever seen. If you’re anything like us you’ll be left wondering “What were they thinking!?” and “How is that even possible!?” You honestly won’t believe it until you’ve seen it for yourself.

The Attachment Saving Time
and Money in A Range of Industries

Acti-Sweep is the attachment of choice in a wide variety of industries, admired for its simple yet intelligent design and hard-working versatility. These are the industries that use it, and here are the reasons they love it.

Your Two-Minute Guide to
the Acti-Sweep Mega Brush

The Acti-Sweep Mega Brush is all about saving time, so in that spirit of efficiency we’ve put together a quick guide to the product specifications: in less than two minutes you’ll have all the vital statistics for this hard-working attachment.

Less Stress, More Silage
Best Silage Season Attachments

If you spend hours every day loading, mixing, transporting and feeding out silage, the Melodis Mixer Bucket will slash the time it takes to manage your requirements. It has three main features that make the entire process of feeding livestock quicker and simpler. The hydraulically powered rotor drum scrapes silage off the clamp face, loading the bucket. The slow-moving augur mixes materials to the right consistency for feeding out, and is distributed to feedlots by the hydraulically operated doors. It’s extremely versatile and cost effective, because only one machinery handler is required to cut, mix and feed the silage.

What is Silage?

Have you ever wondered what the term silage actually means? In short, silage is used as a way of feeding cattle and sheep at times when pastures are less than optimal, and is a particularly important source of back-up food during dry seasons.

How to Make Silage

Timing, quality and precision are vital to silage success. The process for making silage can be broken down into four distinct steps, and each one needs to be done at the right time to ensure the result is high quality silage that will meet or exceed your production goals, reduce storage costs and produce better milk.

20 of the Best DIY
Pallet Furniture Projects

The beauty of pallet furniture is that you can create your own chic designs on the cheap. All you need is some leftover pallets, a few simple tools and your imagination – the best part is that most of these projects will take less than a day or a weekend to complete. Here are 20 great pallet furniture DIY projects to get you started:

Countdown: The Top 5 Bale Forks

Technology is an amazing thing, and when it comes to farming it can return huge productivity gains for relatively little effort. Bale forks are essential pieces of equipment that make life much easier on the farm, but which one should you choose? Here is our top 5 countdown, from five to one….

10 Impressive
Examples of Hay Bale Art

What happens when farmers let loose and get creative in the paddock? Hay bale art! Here are 10 of the funniest and most outrageous examples of art that have been made with huge bales of hay. From Egyptian pyramids to Ferris Wheels and oversized teddy bears – there’s something here for everyone to appreciate.

The Top Five
Pallet Forks on the Market

Pallet forks are an essential part of the arsenal for any hardworking farmer. With so many different options on the market, it can be difficult to choose the right one. We’re counting down the top five pallet forks, in descending order from number five to number one: check out our handy list of pros and cons.

Announcing the Combifork: New Innovation

Kerfab is proud to announce their new innovation: the Combifork. Combining intelligent and sophisticated design, the Combifork is set to become a game changer for domestic and international farming. This proudly Australian technology will revolutionise the way you work, and is a truly impressive feat of engineering that already has people talking.

WIN! Enter for Your Chance
to Win the New Combifork

To celebrate the Australian launch of the Combifork, Kerfab is running a national competition. The lucky winner will become the proud owner of their own Combifork (valued at $1920+GST) attachment, which we will ship to you completely free of charge. It’s so easy to enter – read on for details.

10 Times People Came Up
With Creative Ways to Use Their Tractors

Please note that Kerfab does in no way condone using farm machinery in any dangerous ways. At Kerfab we strive to provide the safest working solutions.

Diggerland: The Theme Park that has
Full-Sized Diggers and
Backhoes as Rides

As far as iconic locations go, Kent, Devon, Yorkshire and Durham might not be in the same league as their Disneyland equivalents, but Diggerland has a small but growing cult following. The response has been so enthusiastic that a new park is currently under construction at Worcestershire – move over Walt Disney!

Case Study: Karignan Plantation
Makes Potting Plants Easier
With the Materials Auger Bucket

The materials auger bucket attachment has resulted in significant efficiency gains for Karignan Plantation, and has become a highly-regarded addition to their stable of essential equipment.

10 Outrageously
Tricked Out Tractors

There are tractors, and then there are tricked out tractors. Taking customisation to the extreme, these owners have their let their imaginations run wild to add serious style to their tractors. Equal parts hilarious and awe-inspiring, these awesome beasts will impress with their unique flair.

Driverless Tractors are Here
Does this Mean it’s Time to Retire?

The upshot is that driverless tractors will always fill a specific need, but won’t be able to accomplish every task performed in a tractor on farm – so there’s no need to start planning for your early retirement just yet.

Case Study: Experience
Plus Ingenuity Creates New Attachment

The collaborative approach not only created a completely new attachment, it solved a pressing problem for the client that had not been adequately addressed by other products. The client’s ingenuity combined with Kerfab’s ability to customise their range is what made this collaboration such a successful one.

10 Unusual Ways

Please note that Kerfab does in no way condone using farm machinery in any dangerous ways. At Kerfab we strive to provide the safest working solutions.

To Revamp or Replace

That’s great news for anyone staring down the barrel of costly equipment upgrades. If you aren’t quite ready to invest in new machinery there are several other less-costly options that will extend the life of your existing equipment or repurpose it for other tasks.

What is a Quick Hitch?

The quick hitch is a convenient and versatile attachment that can transform the way you work. Cost-effective and simple to use, the quick hitch creates the best possible machine utilisation, ensuring that your current equipment adapts to a number of useful tasks.

Multi-Use Machines:
Turning Your Wheel Loader into
An All Terrain Forklift

The ability to transform the wheel loader into an even more versatile machine is part of what makes them so popular. With the added functionality of an all terrain forklift they become an even more valuable asset on the job site, particularly in remote areas where access to equipment is limited.

Three New Ways to Use
Your Wheel Loader

The wheel loader is already a versatile machine, but with the addition of a quick hitch it truly transforms into a multi-tasking marvel. From handling logs to clearing vegetation and acting as an all terrain forklift, the quick hitch ensures you’re making the best possible uses of your existing machine.

Save Time, Money and Energy

The quick hitch is an ingenious example of design that enables you to make the best possible use of your existing machinery. Saving time and money on the cost of new equipment, the quick hitch has several benefits that make it a worthwhile investment.

How to Convert Your
Back Hoe Loader
into a Multi-tasking Tool

The back hoe loader is a wonderfully versatile machine, and with a simple conversion they are capable of multi-tasking in a variety of new ways. From digging trenches to sweeping mud and moving building materials, back hoe loaders can perform a variety of convenient tasks, making them invaluable addition to your fleet.

Five Simple Steps to
Fitting a Quick Hitch

Please note this is a general guide only. Specific instructions may vary for different machines.

Seven Great Reasons to
Adopt Multi-Use Machinery

Multi-use machinery can make a huge difference to the bottom line. They create significant savings in terms of operating and maintenance costs, and offer excellent returns on capital investment for owners. The quick hitch is a cost-effective way to create multi-use machines from your existing equipment.

Four Ways a Quick Hitch
Saves You Time and Money

The quick hitch is an ingenius solution allowing owners and operators to avoid the issues involved with maintaining a fleet of equipment. The quick hitch makes it quick and simple to switch between attachments, offering a number of benefits when it comes to convenience, versatility and cost.

What is a Telehandler?

We’ve touched upon a number of common questions about telehandlers and their usage. Telehandlers are employed in a variety of civil, industrial and agricultural applications, and their power and versatility is what makes them universally popular.

Three Bucket Attachments
That Get Your Telehandler

The addition of a new bucket you can ensure that your telehandler is working hard to return your initial capital investment. The materials auger bucket, concrete mixer bucket and the 4 in 1 bucket can easily transform your telehandler into an effective multitasking machine, performing a range of vital jobs in the civil, construction and agricultural industries.

15 of the Best
Ever Construction Fails

If you think you’re having a bad day, spare a thought for the people involved in our gallery of hilarious construction fails. Bad day or not, we hope they’ve at least given you something to chuckle about.

Light, Standard or Heavy

Telehandlers are very common, in large part due to their versatility and power. They come in a number of different sizes, and each grade of telehandler is suited to different tasks. They are available in light, standard and heavy sizes, with varying applications for agriculture, construction and light industrial environments.

FAQ: Telehandler Licenses

Where can I find telehandler training courses? The Elevator Work Platform Association has a comprehensive list of providers who offer telehandler training courses across Australia. The Telescopic Handler Association of Australia also feature a number of resources on their website, including links to a series of interactive training videos. Please note that there are variations to the training and licencing parameters throughout the different states and territories of Australia. This is a general guide only – please refer to the appropriate regulators in your state or the Telescopic Handler Association of Australia website for specific advice.

Waste Management:
There’s Always a Way!

The right attachment can solve all your waste management woes. Whether it is green waste, recyclable material or household rubbish, we have an attachment that can sweep, load, sort or transport it for you.

Sustainable Ways To Sort Waste

Working together, we hope to engineer even more sustainable solutions with our clients. We’d love for you to join with us as we strive to create a better future. *Conditions apply

Two Ways to
Make Waste Disappear

These are just two of the critical waste handling functions that the 4 in 1 bucket makes easy – for the full range of features, download our FREE Waste Management Guide below!

Case Study:
Transpacific Clean Up

The resulting rubbish compaction attachment was an all-round success, and we’re proud of the new design that came about from our partnership with our dealer and Transpacific. Incorporating a range of exciting features, we look forward to our next collaboration.

Choose the Right Grapple
Attachment to Get the Job Done

These seven grapple attachments can take care of any tough waste job you can think of. There’s sure to be one on this list that is compatible with your workload onsite and your existing machinery.

Reducing Waste,
The Kerfab Way

The above options offer a large scope to operators to choose the correct grapple for the application, so that the sorting of waste and recyclables can be made easy with a versatile attachment. No matter what your requirements are, Kerfab has a range of grapples that can get the job done.

Kerfab Comes to the Rescue
With a Unique Waste

We were pleased to have worked so effectively with Wideland Ag to perfectly meet the brief, ensuring that Toowoomba City Council have the ideal attachment to handle the vast volumes and variety of waste at their busy facility.

Ten Recycling Signs that
Put the Fun Back
into Sustainability

We hope our gallery of funny signs has inspired you to start separating out those recyclables. It’s never too late to start saving the planet!

10 of the Funniest Tractor
Fails You Will Ever See

We hope you’ve enjoyed this giggle-inspiring gallery of hilarious tractor fails. This is what happens when human error collides with the unstoppable forces of gravity and really large immoveable objects.

Safety Guide for
with Attachments

Tractors can be dangerous, but with a vigilant approach to safety the risks of injury or death can be minimised. Being armed with accurate information about the correct ways to use your tractor with an attachment not only saves you time and money – it can also save lives.

Top 5 Must-Have Attachments
for 4WD Tractors

No matter how big or small, these attachments can get the job done with a minimum of hassle and stress. For silage and small to mid sized earthmoving jobs these five attachments are the best choice for your 4WD tractor.

The Longhorn Blade Slashes
Through Silage Season

Don’t waste time using the wrong attachment in silage season – with the longhorn blade, your silage hassles will be a thing of the past. Contact us to find out whether the longhorn blade is compatible with the tractor you already have on site.

Make This Silage
Season Your Safest Yet

Silage safety should be the top priority on every farm to avoid unnecessary injuries and fatalities. Here are some tips for staying safe around silage.

10 Impressive Tractor
Cakes You’ll Want to Recreate

Preventable deaths are some of the most tragic circumstances that families will ever have to endure, and when it comes to silage it makes sense to make safety a top priority. The long working days and added pressure of silage season create extra pressure for farmers, adding to the already hazardous nature of the job.

The Best Tractor Attachments
for Five Common Environments

There is an attachment to suit all kinds of environments. If you need a unit to handle silage, clear muck and debris from wet areas or clean out the feedlot, we can match you up with the best tractor attachment to get the job done.

Five Good
Tractor Brands in
the World

We take a look at five of the leading tractor brands supplying equipment to the agricultural industry. With a long and distinguished history of providing heavy machinery to the farming sector, these brands have built their reputation on a solid foundation of quality and trust.

15 Hilarious DIY Pools That Are
Crop Art Ever Created

Who needs to suffer through a heatwave when you have genius like this? Our gallery of hilarious DIY pools shows just how far humans will go in their quest for a cold pool and a cool drink in the midde of summer.

Photo Gallery: The
Most Amazing Crop
Art Ever Created

These amazing crop artworks are the testament to human creativity and ingenuity. From politics to pop culture and beyond, they are a stunning example of the artist’s vision.