GO + Range Attachments

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Kerfab Blog

Onboard Weighing Systems will revolutionise your business

Using an onboard weighing system allows you to transport the maximum payload without any risk of overloading and keeps customers happy by making sure they get what they pay for.

Increase productivity with onboard weighing systems

Weighing materials in real-time using an onboard weighing system is accurate, safe and saves time and money.

This New Broom Definitely
Sweeps Clean

It sweeps all before it…grains & cereals, bark, wood shavings, sawdust, sand & gravel, aggregates, compost, silage, snow, green waste, timber and metal recycling material the works, even large quantities of heavy industrial materials.

How buying heavy duty attachments
needn’t be heavy going

We offer clients throughout Australia one of the widest choices of industrial-strength attachments they’ve seen…and some they haven’t seen because if we don’t have the heavy duty attachments you want, we can make them for you.

The KerFab High Dump Bucket
has been Re-Designed!

With the past design, the bottom open C section which encases the main lift cylinders at the base of the bucket tended to collect debris and other material – this often interfered with the machine’s ram oscillation and movement.