Sometimes clients have unique problems that aren’t adequately addressed by off-the-shelf products. In this situation they generally have two choices: persist with the less-than-perfect option or find a way to make themselves part of the solution. Find out what happened when one client approached Kerfab with an ingenious concept for a new attachment design.

The Client: Rocky Point Mulching

Rocky Point Mulching is a QLD-based family company that produces composted products, recycling waste and timber products for the landscape industry. Over the years, their range has expanded to include mulches, potting mixes, growing media, sands, animal bedding and more.

The Problem: Multiple Attachments had Failed Them 

Director Josh Keith approached Kerfab with a unique proposition: they needed an attachment that could handle timber waste products and off-cuts from pallet manufacturers throughout QLD, placing them into a large grinder to process it all into coloured bark chip for the landscape industry.

The team had cycled through several other attachments in their quest to perform this task, but nothing had worked effectively enough. While researching online, Josh started to conceptualise a novel new design for an attachment that could handle the oddly-shaped assortment of timber products they needed to process.

The Solution: Kerfab and the Client Combine Their Expertise

Josh was referred to Kerfab, and started collaborating with their sales and engineering team to bring his vision to life. Starting with Kerfab’s Scrub Grapple as the foundation for their design, they worked back and forth to custom-create the timber recycling grab that would eventually solve all of Josh’s problems.

The end result was a smashing success, and the team at Rocky Point Mulching are thrilled with the final design. Kerfab has visited the site twice for follow up visits, and all involved are pleased with its reliable and effective performance: the quick hitch and various attachments add great value and excellent machine utilisation.

The End Result: Collaboration Wins the Day

The timber recycling grab case study is a perfect example of what can be achieved when businesses are open and responsive to feedback from their customers, and are willing to work together on client-centered solutions.

The collaborative approach not only created a completely new attachment, it solved a pressing problem for the client that had not been adequately addressed by other products. The client’s ingenuity combined with Kerfab’s ability to customise their range is what made this collaboration such a successful one.