Case Study: Karignan Plantation
Makes Potting Plants Easier
With the Materials Auger Bucket
What happens when you have 5 to 10 cubic metres

What happens when you have 5 to 10 cubic metres of potting mix to distribute in a single day? Our case study reveals how Karignan Plantation was able to alleviate the burden of manual labour onsite with the materials auger bucket.

The Client: Karignan Plantation

Karignan Plantation is a large tree farm located at Lake Munmorah on the NSW Central Coast. A wholesale supplier to the landscape industry, they specialise in high-impact, semi-mature containerised trees. Established in 1993, Karignan is the leading supplier of exotic and native species to the Trees Impact Group, and their trees are used in residential, government and commercial developments throughout the east coast of Australia.

The Challenge: Moving High Volumes of Potting Mix

Being a large supplier of trees, Karignan have thousands of containerised plants to tend on their plantation. As each tree grows they need to be moved from their existing containers into larger ones that can accommodate their increasing size. Part of this process involves the measured distribution of potting mix when plants are being repotted, and such is the volume of work involved that the team regularly go through more than 5 cubic metres on a single day. This work was being done manually with shovels when management at Karignan decided to investigate other options.

The Solution: Materials Auger Bucket Makes Light of Manual Labour

One of the team had heard about Kerfab, so they started investigating the use of attachments. On seeing the materials auger bucket they decided to give it a trial and were impressed with the boost to productivity it generated. Attaching easily to their Schaffer loader, the materials auger bucket is typically known for its ability to backfill trenches but Karignan was able to use it to carefully distribute precise amounts of potting mix into new containers, without the use of shovels or other time-consuming forms of manual labour. 

The materials auger bucket attachment has resulted in significant efficiency gains for Karignan Plantation, and has become a highly-regarded addition to their stable of essential equipment.