Kerfab Comes to the Rescue
With a Unique Waste
When Toowomba City Council needed
an attachment that could handle

When Toowomba City Council needed an attachment that could handle multiple waste applications, Kerfab came to the rescue. Find out how it happened.

When Wideland Ag won the council tender and approached us with a very unique brief, who were we to say no? We enjoyed the challenge of engineering a multitasking waste attachment that could literally be used on top of walls.


The client: Toowoomba City Council

Toowoomba City Council needed a unique attachment that could not only handle multiple waste applications, it also needed to be able to work while the loader drove along the walls of the waste handling facility. Wideland Ag won the tender and collaborated with Kerfab to meet the brief.


The brief: A versatile waste attachment that can move along walls

 Wideland Ag – the JCB dealer in Toowoomba – approached Kerfab to provide a quote for a 4 in 1 bucket that was compatible with a super high lift JCB loader.

More specifically, Kerfab was asked to supply the 2700mm wide LM series 4 in 1 bucket with the required specifications, including a bolt on edge on all ground engaging edges and an additional plastic edge kit for the unit.

This brief also came with an unusual twist: the bucket had to be a specific width to match the loader in its application – driving along walls in a waste handling facility and meeting the large volume of product it had to handle sufficiently.


The end result: A multitasking attachment that moves mountains of waste

We were able to design and engineer a 4 in 1 attachment that perfectly met this unique brief. The bucket has already proven an excellent match with the loader and is used for all sorts of applications, from handling green waste, mulch and general domestic waste through to scrap metal and whitegoods.

The machine and bucket combination allows the council’s skilled machine operators to switch between a number of different applications. It operates outside in the yard handling large truckloads of green waste (fence posts or stumps included), moves concrete and aggregate waste and can sort household domestic waste into different bays inside the transfer station.

The unit also needed the option of a plastic wear edge to work on the facility’s concrete floors, to ensure that it would create no damage to the immaculate surface. For convenience, the edges on each wear edge of the bucket had to be replaceable.

We were pleased to have worked so effectively with Wideland Ag to perfectly meet the brief, ensuring that Toowoomba City Council have the ideal attachment to handle the vast volumes and variety of waste at their busy facility.