Case Study:
Transpacific Clean Up
With New Rubbish Handling Attachment

When Transpacific needed better rubbish handling they knew who to call – Kerfab collaborated with them to create the perfect customised attachment.


The Client: Transpacific Cleanaway

Kerfab has worked for some time with various machinery dealers who are supplying to Transpacific Cleanaway, providing various sizes and types of attachments, including bucket grapples for skid steers and large volume buckets for wheel loaders. We have supplied these attachments so that they are compatible with major machines from leading brands such as Caterpillar, JCB, Volvo and Liebherr.


The Problem: Safe and efficient rubbish handling at high volumes

Transpacific needed a new attachment that enabled operators to handle and shift large volumes of rubbish into trucks or skips from a stock pile, then reach into a truck or large skip in order to compact the waste contents, creating additional space. We needed to achieve the best possible bucket size without impacting on the machine’s performance, and to ensure that operators have the best possible vision for safety reasons. Transpacific also needed an attachment that would minimise any damage to the existing concrete floors.


The Solution: Collaborating to create the perfect attachment

Kerfab worked directly with the recycling company to develop a new concept – in conjunction with the machinery manufacturer – to ensure that the machine and attachment combination were matched correctly. The attachment we produced in partnership with Transpacific and the Head of Operations is a large bulk bucket cleverly designed to shift large volumes rubbish and recyclable material.


The Outcome: A unique attachment for high volume work

 Our collaboration resulted in a new attachment design that incorporated a four key features which met the Transpacific brief.


Some of these unique features include:

1) A large spade like front extension to the bucket, which enables the operators to reach into a truck or skip in order to compact rubbish and recyclables into the truck. This ensures they get the best use of the available space.

2) The inserted direct mount hitch, which achieves the best possible volume bucket without impacting the machine’s performance. This included weight reduction in the machine bucket combination, with the lowest centre of gravity.

3) The trash rack mounted to the top of the bucket, which ensures that operators have best possible vision over the large bucket. It also means that material cannot pass over the bucket or fall onto the machine while in operation.


4) Rubber edges mounted to the front of the bucket, to take the place of a standard wear edge. These act as a large squeegee, scraping paper off the floor without significantly damaging the concrete floor in the process.

The resulting rubbish compaction attachment was an all-round success, and we’re proud of the new design that came about from our partnership with our dealer and Transpacific. Incorporating a range of exciting features, we look forward to our next collaboration.