Choose the Right Grapple
Attachment to Get the Job Done
Here are seven different grapple attachments
that have a wide range of versatile applications.

If you’re grappling with a tough waste issue it’s time to explore your grapple attachment options – so you can get the job done with ease.

Here are seven different grapple attachments that have a wide range of versatile applications.

Waste Bucket Grapple

The robust waste bucket grapple is built for the harshest environments. The tines and wear edges are constructed from Bissalloy material, designed for use in waste and recycling or harsh contractor environments.

Compatible with: Skid steers, ag loaders and small wheel loaders.

Suitable for: Handling all types of waste including green waste, recyclable waste, concrete, domestic waste


Skid Steer Bucket Grapple

The skid steer bucket grapple features reinforced, independently operating grapple arms for powerful clamping on uneven loads. It comes in a range of widths and bolt-on cutting edge styles.

Suitable for: Clamping on uneven loads, scooping up heavy debris and getting into those hard to reach places as it’s normally mounted to a small machine.


Skid Steer Root Grapple

The skid steer root grapple combines the sifting prowess of rock buckets with strong twin-cylinder, dual-independent grapple arms. This powerful attachment is ideal for hard-to-handle loads like logs, rocks, shrubs, bushes and other waste.

Suitable for: Fallen branches, scrub clearing, logs, rocks, shrubs, bushes and removal of other unwanted vegetation.


Heavy Duty Waste Grapple

The heavy duty waste grapple is designed for the heaviest waste handling applications. The dual clamp provides for multitasking on waste tasks and can be used for handling green waste, concrete, steel scrap and other general waste.

Suitable for: Green waste, concrete, steel scrap and other general waste.


Heavy Duty Scrub Grapple

The heavy duty scrub grapple is a heavy-duty attachment that has been designed for wheel loaders. It has been engineered to effectively handle green waste or brush, and is able to clear general regrowth.

Compatible with: Wheel loaders.

Suitable for: Green waste, brush removal, regrowth clearance, loading large mulch grinders etc.


Industrial Bucket Grapple

The industrial bucket grapple is ideal for demolition and construction sites, recycling plants and general industrial areas. It can handle bulky and/or odd shaped loads safely and securely.

Compatible with: Wheel loaders.

Suitable for: Rubble, waste and other hard-to-manage or odd shaped materials. Great for demolition, construction sites, recycling plants and industrial areas.


Short Tine Scrub Grapple

The short tine scrub grapple is a uniquely designed attachment used for high strength materials and is ideal for applications such as forestry, waste handling, site clearance and demolition.

Suitable for: Forestry applications, site clearing and demolition.

These seven grapple attachments can take care of any tough waste job you can think of. There’s sure to be one on this list that is compatible with your workload onsite and your existing machinery.