Concrete Mixer Bucket in action      GMX 2010 292

The more difficult the concreting jobs, the more you’ll need an Emily Concrete Mixer Bucket from KerFab.

Designed to make short work out of all concreting, cementing or mortaring jobs – especially in inhospitable areas with difficult access – this ingeniously designed mixer bucket has streamlined the entire loading, mixing and delivery process.

Simply attach the Concrete Mixer Bucket to your loader, skid steer or telehandler (only one set of auxiliary hydraulics is required) and you’re good to go.

Just open the gas-operated safety cover – the mixer automatically shuts off when it’s open – load in the concrete/mortar/cement mix using the built-in bag opener spikes, add water and then be prepared to be amazed at the unique and highly efficient mixing/pouring action.

The patented heavy-duty auger spins in two opposing directions to produce a consistently even mix, and there is an optional 2m or 4m flexi-tube available to make placing the mix a real cinch.

Meanwhile the ergonomic curved cover minimises overflow during the mixing and delivery process.

The European-designed Emily Concrete Mixer Bucket is also very low maintenance.

The hydraulic motor to gearbox is oil bath driven (no chain drive) and the Hardox Auger with 20mm heavy duty flighting is easy to remove for cleaning and maintaining.

It is available in five convenient sizes (see Concrete Mixer Bucket product page) ranging in mixing volume capacities from 200 litres up to 700 litres.

This impressive mixer bucket is also available under KerFab’s breakthrough Hire To Buy program which gives you the option of not only preserving your current cashflow, but also virtually lets you try before you buy.

So rather than go through the backbreaking task of mixing concrete by hand, or blowing your budget buying delivered concrete, talk to the team at KerFab about the one and only Emily Concrete Mixer Bucket.

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