Longhorn Blade, another of KerFab's custom attachments High Dump Bucket, one of KerFab's custom attachments Heavy Duty Pipe Grab, one of KerFab's custom attachments

Can’t find precisely the right attachment or accessory on KerFab’s new website?

Relax, as Australia’s leading specialists in materials handling and earthmoving attachments, we have the nous, the ability and capability to conceptualise, design and create whatever custom attachments you have in mind.

Be it for Agriculture, Civil Construction or Waste Handling, we are quietly confident that we can engineer and manufacture the perfect solution for you.

Why are we so confident? Because as you are about to see, we’ve done it many times before. Here are just three classic examples…

Custom attachment # 1: Manitou Heavy Duty Pipe Grab

Heavy Duty Pipe Grab, one of KerFab's custom attachments

This telehandler pipe grab was designed for a mining company in Western Australia to pick and carry polyethylene water pipes of varying diameters.

After extensive discussion with the client, during which the product requirement and environment in which it would be utilized were outlined, Kerfab created a highly successful concept and design, then fabricated the attachment.

We’re pleased to report our highly innovative new Heavy Duty Pipe Grab exceeded the customer’s requirements.

Custom attachment # 2: 10m3 High Dump Bucket

High Dump Bucket, one of KerFab's custom attachments

This monster High Dump Bucket was manufactured in December 2014 for a South Australian client to handle sludge and by-product at the Adelaide Sewerage farm. It is fitted to a 966H Caterpillar Wheel Loader.

Like all our Toe Tip Buckets, it offers extra height while reducing the need for a long reach arm – so you can reach further, with increased stability.

And because it has a smaller dumping rollover arc than a standard GP bucket, it makes the complete job cycle – pick up, dump and reload – even faster.

This quality bucket was designed and manufactured within an incredible short time frame due to the customers’ requirements prior to Christmas 2014.

Once again this demonstrates Kerfab’s flexibility in design & manufacture, whilst illustrating our commitment to the needs of our customers.

Custom attachment # 3: Longhorn Blade

Longhorn Blade, another of KerFab's custom attachments

This amazing blade was designed and manufactured by Kerfab for a NSW contractor.

It is used for pushing up stacks of silage into bunkers and grading fence lines and road ways.

This versatile attachment comes complete with Hydraulic Angle, Tilt and Lift functions and is 3.6m wide x 1.5m high.

The blade easily detaches, allowing the loader to be used for other duties.

For more details about these and other custom attachments – or to commission KerFab to design and fabricate your own customised attachment – simply call us on 1800 818 079, or click on the following to contact us.