Diggerland: The Theme Park that has
Full-Sized Diggers and
Backhoes as Rides
Ever heard of a theme park that lets you operate

Ever heard of a theme park that lets you operate earth moving equipment? Forget Disneyland, Diggerland is possibly the coolest attraction in the entire world. If you’ve ever wanted to be a big kid again, Diggerland offers the perfect opportunity to get your hands dirty, with heavy machinery and quirky digger-themed rides.

Like no other theme park, Diggerland celebrates the rural lifestyle; inviting their guests to strap on a hard hat, jump on board and have fun. Kids and adults alike can ride, drive and operate real diggers, dumpers and other full-size construction machinery: from massive excavators to mini tractors, they’ve got heavy equipment for everyone to play around with.

The six coolest things to do at Diggerland

The kids can take the mini-Land Rovers and mini-tractors for a spin while the adults clamber aboard and get behind the controls of some truly serious heavy machinery. Here are six of the most popular things to do at Diggerland:

  1. Play skittles with a Komatsu PC14 and a mini wrecking ball
  2. Drive around the specially-built race track in JCB skid steer loaders
  3. Ride in “Groundshuttle”, a carriage on front of a Manitou telehandler
  4. Drive a real, full-size JCB 3CX, backhoe loader
  5. Get behind the controls of a JCB 8065 tracked excavator
  6. Dig, scoop, move and dump with JCB 8030 tracked mini diggers

Taking on Disneyland, one digger at a time

Apologies to our Australian readers, but Diggerland is a uniquely British phenomenon. Anyone wishing to add it to their theme-park bucket list has a long flight ahead of them, as it’s only found in several rural towns throughout the UK.




As far as iconic locations go, Kent, Devon, Yorkshire and Durham might not be in the same league as their Disneyland equivalents, but Diggerland has a small but growing cult following. The response has been so enthusiastic that a new park is currently under construction at Worcestershire – move over Walt Disney!