Broom sweepers versus collection sweepers. What is the difference? What do they do? And why does it matter? We’ve put together this quick and simple guide to help you, based on some of our most frequently asked questions.

When is a broom sweeper suitable?

Broom sweepers like the Acti-Sweep are the ideal solution for removing bulk material, due to the fact it can push higher volumes in front of the broom.

When is a collection sweeper suitable?

Collection sweepers are the perfect solution for finer and smaller refuse product such as gravel. It works well with small volumes, and when used often.

Which type is more expensive?

The collection sweeper is always more expensive, being the elite product.

Which is better: the collection or broom sweeper?

Rather than thinking as one or the other as “better”, it’s probably best to consider the application. Each type of attachment works best in particular circumstances, and this will depend on your individual requirements.

The collection sweeper offers a unique experience, and its manoeuvrability is probably the greatest feature of this type. Dependent on the application, the collection sweeper range is generally considered the elite option of the two.

What types of collection sweeper are available?

We have two types of collection sweepers:

  • Leaderclean: the broom is self-powered and requires no hydraulic connection, but it needs a machine to push it. There are two different widths available -1.3 metres and 1.6 metres.
  • Mely/Agriclean Sweeper: this broom requires a hydraulic connection and machine to push it. There are four different widths available – 1.3 metres, 1.6 metres, 2.0 metres and 2.2 metres.

Are any of these products suitable as yard sweepers?

The Acti-Sweep is the only yard sweeper we have available, and it is available in the following widths – 1.5 metres, 1.8 metres, 2.4 metres, 3.0 metres and 3.6 metres.

Which industries are suitable for each type?

Again, this is very dependent on the application, but speaking in general terms  it’s more common for industrial environments to need to limit the amount of dust than, say, an agricultural yard on a farm. In the food industry – particularly in cool rooms or processing plants – the collection sweeper is definitely the best solution for dust control.


The Acti-Sweep is definitely our pick for the agricultural industry, and the most cost-effective option for general applications like machine yard sweeping, grain shed sweeping, dairy track and yard sweeping.


For the transport industry we recommend the collection sweeper – it works best with a forklift, large areas of concrete and waste bins. Collection “on the fly” means that you are able to empty the sweeper into the bin and keep going, rather than make one bulk collection and dispose of it once the sweep is complete.

We hope this guide answers a lot of your questions about broom and collection sweepers. Want more information? Download our ‘Cheat’s Sheet to Yard Sweeping!’