When it comes to tractors for agricultural applications, what are some of the best brands working in the industry today?

We take a look at five of the leading tractor brands supplying equipment to the agricultural industry. With a long and distinguished history of providing heavy machinery to the farming sector, these brands have built their reputation on a solid foundation of quality and trust.


If you’re looking for a tractor, here are five of the leading brands brands:



Same was established in the 1940s and has developed a solid reputation as one of the most trusted tractor brands on the market. Their tractor range incorporates modern technology to deliver models that are efficient, rugged, well-built, safe and reliable. They are typically used for small compact applications such as horticulture and viticulture, with a 60-75 horsepower range.


Website: www.same-tractors.com


John Deere

When you think of tractors, you think John Deere. Their versatile lineup of tractors is what makes then so popular with farmers, with models ranging from 23.5 to 564 hp of engine power and a range of transmission options. The large horsepower front wheel assist spray tractor is a standout in the 200-300+ hp range and is perfect for pulling chaser bins at harvest time.


Distributor: John Deere Australia and NZ

Website: www.deere.com.au



In a very short time, CLAAS has become established as a leading tractor manufacturer throughout Europe, offering a choice of 50 models between 75 and 530 hp. A large articulated tractor called the Xerion (435-530 hp range) is our pick, and though it is not commonly used in Australia for broad acreage, it is very versatile in large feed crop, silage and tillage applications.


Distributor: Landpower Australia

Website: www.claas.com.au


New Holland

 New Holland is another major player in the tractor industry; acknowledged as one of the world leaders in agricultural machinery including tractors, combines, grape harvesters and hay balers. This expertise is reflected in the quality of their tractors, making their 90- 130 horsepower range one of their most popular with farmers. They can be used for mid- sized silage and tillage applications.


Distributor: CNH Australia

Website: www.agriculture1.newholland.com



Case IH

Case IH has a wide variety of tractors, grouped into families including Farmall, Maxxum, Puma, Magnum and Steiger. These famous names are testament to a proud heritage of delivering efficient and powerful tractors internationally. Their articulated tractors in the 350-450+ horsepower range are typically used in broad acre applications, and can be used for large silage applications as well.


Distributor: CNH Australia

Website: www.caseih.com


This is just a small selection of the tractors offered by these brands, and they all sell to a variety of different markets. A complete catalogue of their tractors is beyond the scope of this blog, so we’ve featured a small selection as an entry point to their product ranges. Check out their websites for more information.