Telehandlers are most commonly used in conjunction with forks, lifting jibs and work platforms, but did you know that there are other very useful and convenient attachments that are also compatible with them? Here are five of the best:


  1. Telehandler Pipe Grab

The telehandler pipe grab was designed for a mining company in WA, to pick and carry polyethylene water pipes of varying diameters. After extensive discussion with the client Kerfab created a highly successful concept and design, fabricating the attachment to exceed the customer’s requirements.


  1. Melodis Mixer Bucket

 This attachment allows the operator to cut, mix and deliver feed with just the one bucket. The built-in rotor loads, cuts and mixes the silage, and the same bucket allows you to transport and offload too. This versatile attachment quickly and precisely handles silage, maize, dry food and chopped grass.


  1. Concrete Mixer Bucket

The concrete mixer bucket has been designed specifically for intensive work with concrete, cement and mortar. It makes loading, mixing and delivering concrete to difficult locations simple, making it suited to the toughest jobs. Very popular for its low maintenance design and superior safety functions.


  1. Aerosweep

The Aerosweep is an angled brush sweeper with a twist – it has no wheels. An economical sweeper with a long life cycle, the hydraulic control ensures perfect adjustment on uneven ground. The brush self-adjusts as it wears out, requiring no action or intervention on behalf of the operator.


  1. Short Tine Scrub Grapple

The short tine scrub grapple is a uniquely designed attachment that is used for high strength materials. This attachment is ideal for applications such as forestry, waste handling, site clearance and demolition, due to the sturdy construction of the fork tines and effective handling capability.

From high strength materials to concrete and silage, telehandlers can handle almost anything when you have the right attachment. These five attachments might not be as well known as others, but they never fail to perform when you need to get the job done.