KerFab’s expert team of design engineers have re-designed the Loader High Dump Bucket…and it’s definitely a change for the better!

With the past design, the bottom open C section which encases the main lift cylinders at the base of the bucket tended to collect debris and other material – this often interfered with the machine’s ram oscillation and movement.

The old High Dump Bucket has been redesigned. < The old C section was a real debris collector.

However with the latest design, there is no risk of material build up as the cylinder position has been ingeniously changed to a vertical operating position and is clear of any possible build up.

The old High Dump Bucket and the latest design

Advantages of the new design:

  • Easier to conduct maintenance checks and procedures
  • Less gathering points for debris and rubbish
  • More controlled lifting and tipping function
  • New sleek look

The redesigned High Dump Bucket, also known as a Toe Tip Bucket or a High Rollover Bucket, is sleeker, cleaner and easier and provides even greater control.

To see a simple video showing the High Dump Bucket from a range of different angles, simply click on the screen shot, above left.

Then, if you are serious about purchasing, contact KerFab and we will draw up a schematic of your loader with the bucket attached. This will let you see instantly the height advantage and other benefits of using this superb attachment.

For more information about the High Dump Bucket, FreeCall us today on 1800 818 079 or simply contact us.