How to Convert Your
Back Hoe Loader
into a Multi-tasking Tool
Back hoe loaders are commonly found on a variety of different work sites

Back hoe loaders are commonly found on a variety of different work sites, such is their versatility and power. The beauty of these machines is that they can also be converted in order to give them multi-tasking capabilities. Read on to discover the extra functionality you can get from your back hoe loader.

What is the normal function of a back hoe loader?

back hoe loader is generally used as a multi-tasking tool on building or construction sites, with the rear back hoe used to dig trenches and the front loader bucket used for moving materials. Back hoe loaders traditionally have a 4-in-1 or GP bucket mounted to the front of the machine and are used for general clean up and handling of loose materials around a civil work site.

Versatile and tough, they are commonly used in the building industry, civil and construction works, mining, infrastructure and agriculture.

Why are multi-use machines highly desirable on worksites?

* They are versatile

Multi-use machines have grown in popularity over the last decade, as people strive to get the most bang for their equipment buck. The multi-use machine ensures the best possible return on investment on capital expenditure: they are highly desired on job sites and are particularly useful in remote locations, where access to equipment is limited.

* They are cost-effective

It costs a lot of money to mobilise machinery out to job sites (particularly in far flung locations) and if one machine with multiple accessories can be moved instead its a far more efficient use of the time and money. Additionally, the servicing of one primary unit (ie the machine itself) for an owner or operator is a much more efficient and cost effective use of resources.

* They are convenient

Multi-use machines are very convenient for users to deploy. Depending on the size of the job on hand, owners and operators may not be able to justify having multiple dedicated machines on hand to perform different tasks, because of the cost and logistics involved. In these instances multi-tasking machines really come into their own as incredibly useful pieces of equipment.

Examples of useful back hoe loader conversions

Civil construction sites require lots of tasks to be performed by machines, and a back hoe loader with a quick hitch can perform any of the following tasks:

  • Digging trenches
  • Lifting pallets of building or civil materials
  • Sweeping mud from roads onsite deposited by entering traffic
  • Handling loose material into trucks or trenches with a bucket
  • Lifting pipes and building materials into place with a crane jib
  • Cleaning up when the job is done and handling all debris/rubbish

The back hoe loader is a wonderfully versatile machine, and with a simple conversion they are capable of multi-tasking in a variety of new ways. From digging trenches to sweeping mud and moving building materials, back hoe loaders can perform a variety of convenient tasks, making them invaluable addition to your fleet.