Less Stress, More Silage
Best Silage Season Attachments
Take the stress out of silage season
by making sure you have the right
equipment for the job.

Take the stress out of silage season by making sure you have the right equipment for the job. To help you ensure that the process is as smooth and seamless as possible we’ve taken a look at three of the best attachments for stress-free silage.

Stage: Preparation and sowing

 Attachment: K-Line Speedtiller

The Speedtiller has become very popular in recent years, thanks to its growing reputation as a highly-effective disc tilling machine. It offers weed control and excellent seedbed preparation, increasing organic matter in the soil and ideal for soil conditioning in the presence of high levels of crop residues. Stubble residues pass easily through tined seeders, and the depth gauging roller at the rear creates the desired crumbling effect on the soil profile. The Speedtiller is available in a number of models, coming with crumbler rollers and 560mm discs as standard. Sharks tooth and pipe and coil packer rollers are also available.

Stage: Tending and harvesting

 Attachment: Longhorn Blade

The Kerfab Longhorn Blade is a multitasking master, perfect for stacking and layering silage into the pit and for tackling a variety of mid-sized earthmoving tasks. With its dynamic hydraulic action and convenient tilt function, it’s fully compatible with high horsepower four wheel drive tractors. The 6-way angling capabilities offer full strength at all angles, making short work of grading and earthmoving jobs. The mesh guard top means that your silage material will not spill over the top of the blade, and the entire attachment is easily removable from the tractor so that it’s quick and simple to switch between functions.

Stage: Mixing and Feeding

Attachment: Melodis Mixer Bucket

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If you spend hours every day loading, mixing, transporting and feeding out silage, the Melodis Mixer Bucket will slash the time it takes to manage your requirements. It has three main features that make the entire process of feeding livestock quicker and simpler. The hydraulically powered rotor drum scrapes silage off the clamp face, loading the bucket. The slow-moving augur mixes materials to the right consistency for feeding out, and is distributed to feedlots by the hydraulically operated doors. It’s extremely versatile and cost effective, because only one machinery handler is required to cut, mix and feed the silage.