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Loader Scales Comparison Guide

Which loader scales are best?

Compare LoadRite's L2180 with Kerfab's MC403 Loader Scales

We all know the pain of arriving at the weigh bridge and finding that the load is off! The result is costly, time-consuming, or both! That's why loader scales – aka onboard weighing systems – are so important.

Maybe you're considering investing in scales for the first time, or maybe you're updating or expanding your fleet? Either way we've got you covered.

Our Loader Scales Guide Includes:

  • + What are onboard weighing systems?
  • + Benefits of using scales with your wheel loader
  • + Feature comparison between two leading weighing systems

Well what are you waiting for? Download our guide today and find out what loader scales can do for you!

Compare LoadRite's L2180 with Kerfab's MC403 Loader Scales