Silage season can be an incredibly busy and exhausting time for farmers, but the unique features of the longhorn blade will take the stress out of silage.

Most farmers don’t realise that their large tractor is compatible with attachments that can make life much easier for them at silage time, and the longhorn blade is one of the best. Designed to move, layer and compact silage, these versatile units can also perform mid-sized earthmoving tasks, offering a fabulous return on investment.


Making silage simple with the longhorn blade

The longhorn blade is the ideal attachment for moving silage, and as an added bonus this versatile unit can also tackle a range of mid-sized earthmoving tasks. Fully compatible with high horsepower four-wheel drive tractors, the Longhorn series 6-way angling capabilities provides full strength at all angles. It comes complete with a mesh top guard to prevent spillage, and has a fully replaceable cutting edge

Six-way angling capabilities for stress-free silage

Here are several key features that will take the stress and hassle out of silage season. With its six-way angling capabilities, the longhorn blade can move straight up and down, in addition to hydraulic angle and hydraulic tilt functions.

Straight up and down: The ability to move up and down means that the longhorn blade provides superior ground clearance to other attachments.

Hydraulic angle function: This function helps with material flow, and is used mainly for cleaning out corners of the silage pit, grading and windrowing.

Hydraulic tilt function: Hydraulic tilt is used for going over uneven ground and creating contours on a silage heap, so access is never an issue.

Case study: Longhorn blade moves 16 000 tonnes of silage

Princess Royal Station needed an attachment that could handle massive volumes of silage. Located in South Australia, the station needed a rugged and hardworking unit that could handle the harsh elements as well. Kerfab designed and fitted a large 5.5 metre straight blade to a NH T9.670 articulated tractor. Once in action, the unit pushed an impressive 16,000 tonnes of silage in the first year – replacing the job of two other tractors. The vastly increased productivity saved time and money for the station, and fulfilled the brief perfectly.


Don’t waste time using the wrong attachment in silage season – with the longhorn blade, your silage hassles will be a thing of the past. Contact us to find out whether the longhorn blade is compatible with the tractor you already have on site.