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Making Every Load Count

With Onboard Weighing Systems

With one in three heavy vehicles determined to be overweight - often by as much as 10 or 20% - overloading is a serious issue. Onboard weighing systems can save time and money.

The ability to accurately weigh materials is essential for those working in civil construction, landscaping, mining or logistics, in order to prevent overloading and the issues that result.

Avoiding overweight trucks

Overloading is notorious within the heavy vehicle sector, with a significant number of infringements issued every year. These can take the form of fines, court imposed penalties and demerit points, making it in the interests of business owners and drivers to ensure compliance. While some trucks are overweight because of deliberate non-compliance, most operators are trying to do the right thing. However - despite the best of intentions - accidental overloading is common.

The issues with overloading

Overweight trucks are responsible for a range of issues. Loads in excess of 10 or 20% of the required weight cause premature wear and tear of road surfaces, increasing the risk of accidents. From a business point of view, having a correctly loaded truck is best practice because it guarantees the safety of your products, maximises efficiency, keeps customers happy and prevents the incidence of expensive fines. It also makes every load count, which is crucial to the bottom line. 

Benefits of onboard weighing systems

While overloaded vehicles can be dangerous, underloaded vehicles are a major source of inefficiency. Onboard weighing systems ensure that vehicles are accurately loaded to their correct capacity; saving time and money. Forget about the hassle of finding a weigh bridge, Kerfab’s onboard systems measure your load in real time, meaning less fuel and maintenance for your vehicle. Onboard weighing systems are a cost-effective way to ensure accuracy and maximum efficiency.

To find out more about how an onboard weighing system can improve accuracy, call Kerfab on 1800 818 079 or email the sales team at sales@kerfab.com.au.