What do Barack Obama, Van Gogh and a bottle of vodka all have in common? They all feature in our gallery of the world’s most incredible crop art. You might suspect they are photoshopped, but we guarantee these are all real life examples of crop art – you won’t believe what people can do with fertile fields and fertile imaginations.


With a nod to Van Gogh’s iconic artwork, this farmer has created their own vibrant version of sunflowers in a vase – or in this case, a field.


Rice paddy artwork in Japan has developed a cult following amongst farmers, who all compete to come up with the coolest designs.


Using a carefully plotted selection of different coloured rice varieties, this farmer has created the image of a fierce samurai warrior.


Another Japanese farmer has combined rice paddy art with another cultural craze, in this manga-inspired design.


Kansas artist Stan Herd has been making crop art for 30 years. This is a portrait of the pioneering explorer and aviator, Amelia Earhart.



The level of detail in this rice paddy artwork is incredible to behold, from the rider’s clothing to the horse’s posture.



Another amazing Stan Herd crop artwork, this time of a proud Native American chief.


This artist has turned an entire crop field into a replica of a Van Gogh artwork, visible in its entire detail only by airplane.


This example is more like the traditional geometric crop circles of old, with a nod to Mayan and Aztec cultures in its design.



This one is very “meta” – a crop artwork featuring the image of a product that is made from a variety of different crop types.



This incredible crop art looks like it is part-hedge maze, part-American currency, with its United States eagle logo.



The one on the left is obviously Barack Obama and the one on the right is the guy who lost in 2012. No one ever remembers the name of the loser.


Rice plants of three different colours are used to depict these adorable cartoon animals in rice paddies found in the Japanese town of Hokkaido.


This very cool crop art design is larger than life – Godzilla himself, wreaking havoc on the city and the field on which he was planted.



We love this epic tribute to the Beatles, in celebration of their golden jubilee as the reigning kings of popular music.


These amazing crop artworks are testament to human creativity and ingenuity. From politics to pop culture and beyond, they are a stunning example of the artist’s vision.