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Agriclean Sweeper

This sweeper with collector fits on any machinery handler thanks to the floating pallet fork hitching, and only requires 2 hydraulic hoses which will activate the main brush. It sweeps any area type and collects sand, gravel, dust, sawdust, metal particles and more.

The beauty of the Agriclean Sweeper is that it sweeps and collects in just one pass, meaning that you could potentially clean up to 2,500 m2 in around 10 minutes, collecting up to a cubic metre (300l) of material.

Equipped with an integrated hydraulic motor mounted inside the main brush, its double-acting spool sweeps in one direction with the bucket opening in the other direction.

It comes complete with 4 heavy duty multi-direction wheels, hydraulic opening collection lid, and automatic brush adjustment for uneven surfaces.

Unlike conventional technology that only offers optimal performance if travelling backwards – which is unsafe – the Agriclean Sweeper has a contra-rotating brush that safely allows for forwards travel.  (Read more here).

• Side brush, adjustable, folding, orientable 100 L or 200 L water tank, electric pump and adjustable jets.

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