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Colt Onboard Scales

The Colt 1 & Colt 2 onboard scales is a single attachment system, designed to measure the load weight once the load has been picked up at the same position each time.

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  • Colt 1 - Non logging, non-totalising static weighing system
  • Colt 2 - Logging & totalising static weighing system


  • User friendly system
  • Load sensors made from stainless steel
  • Designed to work in the harshest environments, dependably and accurately
  • Requires on average only 4 hours for installation
  • The Colt 2 offers the totalising feature, allowing the operator to either count up to total load or display single load weight
  • Optional paper printer provides date, time and accumulated, loaded weight
Colt Onboard Scales

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