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Compact Loader GP Bucket

The Kerfab range of  Wheel Loader Compact GP buckets are designed and suited to fit to loader sizes from 1.3 ton to 5 ton (machine operating weight). These buckets are a robust attachment that can be optioned with a bolt on wear edge and heel plates where required.

Made from high tensile quality materials, our GP buckets are built to stand the test of time in any application to which they are applied.

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  • Commonly used for handling gravel, fertilisers and rubble, or other materials under 1600kg/m3 mass. Can also be used for general clean-up applications.
  • Because of their heavy duty construction, Kerfab GP buckets are the perfect balance between weight of bucket, strength of construction and bang for your back!
Compact Loader GP Bucket


Part No.Width (mm)Capacity (cubic metre)Weight (kg)