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Materials Auger Bucket

This innovative Materials Auger Bucket attachment takes the effort out of back filling trenches.

It can be a challenge back filling trenches with precision, let alone having to manoeuvre your machine to get 90º to a trench.

Now, with the materials auger bucket you can back fill a trench easily and efficiently with a precise measure of soil, sand or fine gravel (up to 20/40).

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  • The materials auguer bucket saves time, fuel and labour - eliminating frustration for the loader operator
  • With a robust and reliable design the materials auger bucket is engineered for a long life of hard work
  • Bolt-on hitch brackets make it easy to change the materials auger bucket between machines if required


  • The materials auger bucket can fit to any machinery handler
  • Reliable, robust design: one piece auger bucket shell, 5mm thick on models (GDL550 and GDL925) and 10mm S235 steel on (GDL1300)
  • Hydraulic door chute is synchronised with the distribution auger and opens automatically when auger starts
  • Auger is driven by hydraulic motor; one set of hydraulic auxiliaries required
  • The materials auger bucket offers superior performance with hardox (very high tensile) toughened steel construction
Materials Auger Bucket Attachment

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Kerfab Materials Auger Bucket Kerfab Materials Auger Bucket


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