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Melodis Mixer Bucket

The Melodis Mixer Bucket allows you to quickly and easily cut, mix and deliver your lot feeding requirements with just one bucket, saving you a lot of valuable time that you could be putting to better use elsewhere.

With its revolutionary built-in rotor, this all-in-one bucket does it all.

It loads, cuts and mixes, transports the silage and then offloads it… you don’t need a fleet of different buckets or a small army of operators to get the job done, fast.

Ingenious Mixer Bucket Rotor Drum

The secret of the Melodis Mixer Bucket’s success is its hydraulically powered rotor drum. This moves up and down to scrape silage off the clamp face and load it straight into the bucket, leaving a sealed pit face.

You simply lower the rotor onto the pile, tip back the bucket – keeping a careful watch on things from the safety of the cab – and you’re on your way.

Other features of this innovative mixer bucket include hydraulically-operated doors to make it easier to distribute the silage (either on the ground or at any height), plus an optional slow moving auger to consistently mix the feed and distribute it.

Extremely versatile, the Mixer Bucket can quickly and precisely handle silage, maize, dry food and chopped grass – with no disintegration of the ration.

Furthermore, it’s available in a range of sizes, from 1 cubic metre right up to 4.6 cubic metres, and can fit on the widest possible range of machines.

For more information, download the brochure or speak to the team at KerFab on 1800 818 079.





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  • Double driving of the spiral mixer permits a better strain repartition
  • Discharges silage
  • Can be equipped with a grab or with a mobile rotor
  • Right and left distribution is available
  • Fits to any machinery handler. Available from 1.10m3 to 4.60m3
  • Versatility: designed for dry food, maize, chopped grass
  • Easy to handle and safe (excellent visibility from the cab)
  • Fast and precise mixing and no disintegration of the ration
Melodis Mixer Bucket 1

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