GO + Range Attachments

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Reducing Waste,
The Kerfab Way

Introducing the Bucket Grapple

Sorting recyclables is a challenge for waste facilities. Discover how the bucket grapple can make easy work of recycling, with its superior sorting and handling functions.

 The bucket grapple is a versatile tool that can be attached to the front of a large or small wheel loader, telehandler or skid steer for the handling and sorting of waste and recyclables. It comes in a variety of different widths and capacities, dependent on the machine size, the product being handled and the general application or environment that it is working in.

The grapple comes in up to six variants, including the following options:

  1. Removable grab option so the bucket can be used for other purposes
  2. A soft tine front on the grapple to assist with the handling of recyclable material such as cardboard, paper and plastic; to ensure these items don’t gather on the tines of the grapple
  3. The shark grapple folds right away behind the cutting edge when fully open, to ensure the cutting edge can reach right into the corner of a bunker or storage bay to get that “last bit” of material
  4. Single or double grapple clamps dependent on the application or product being handled
  5. Bolt in sides so the grapple can be used for green waste or long length items, with inserts bolted into place to form the complete bucket shape
  6. Scrub type or skeleton type bucket base for handling materials where dirt can be sifted through.

The above options offer a large scope to operators to choose the correct grapple for the application, so that the sorting of waste and recyclables can be made easy with a versatile attachment. No matter what your requirements are, Kerfab has a range of grapples that can get the job done.