Save Time, Money and Energy
: The Four Main Benefits of a Quick Hitch

Quick hitches are one of the best kept secrets in industries like farming, waste management and construction. They are an ingenious device which enables multi-tasking with your existing machinery, allowing you to easily attach a variety of different tools and accessories to the front. There are many benefits to using the quick hitch, with time and cost savings featuring prominently among them. 


What is a quick hitch? 

The quick hitch is an attachment front or interface that stays permanently attached to your primary machine, enabling you to quickly and easily connect other tools or accessories to the front – saving time, money and effort. What you might not know is that it’s surprisingly easy to convert your machine, and it can be done in a few simple steps. 

What are the main benefits?

There are several benefits to using a quick hitch. Convenience, value for money and versatility make it a wise choice when it comes to purchasing equipment.

  1. Multi-tasking

The quick hitch allows you to use multiple attachments with just one machine, saving equipment costs and time for the operator. Having a quick hitch attached to your primary machine makes it easy to switch between functions. This ensures the best use of your equipment, especially on sites where the machine will be required to perform numerous tasks at the one location. There is no need to spend hours changing attachments.

  1. Convenience 

The quick hitch allows new tasks to be performed by your existing machine allowing you to save costs and increase functionality. It can be operated from the seat of the machine using the bucket tilt function and the lift and lower of the arms. The option of a hydraulic pin locking device enables the operator to perform the process without leaving the seat of the machine, except when the attachment requires a hydraulic connection.

  1. Cost-Effective

The quick hitch creates the best possible machine utilisation, ensuring that your current equipment adapts to a number of useful tasks. The quick hitch does away with the need to invest in multiple pieces of heavy equipment, and cost of one simple attachment is all that is required to create a range of added functionality to your existing machinery.

  1. High Returns

Compared with the costs of investing in further heavy equipment, the quick hitch enables the best possible ROI on capital expenditure. Without the need for a varied fleet of machinery, the quick hitch results in heavily reduced costs for servicing, maintenance, fuel and the other costs associated with warehousing and running multiple machines. 

The quick hitch is an ingenious example of design that enables you to make the best possible use of your existing machinery. Saving time and money on the cost of new equipment, the quick hitch has several benefits that make it a worthwhile investment.