It’s commonplace for worksites to have multiple machines tackling different jobs, but for many reasons it is easier and more cost effective to have one machine that can perform multiple tasks. An easy way to get more out of your existing machine is to use a quick hitch, allowing your machine to use different attachments for multiple uses.

Here are the seven main benefits of multi-use machines:

  1. You get much more yard space with less machinery

Land is expensive to own or rent, and having fewer machines means you need less space for storage and protection from theft or vandalism. This makes for a less cluttered yard and easier access to the limited number of machines.

  1. Maintenance costs and time commitments are slashed

Being able to operate with fewer machines means that your overall commitment to maintenance and repairs is heavily reduced. There is no longer any need to maintain a variety of unnecessary machinery, saving time, labour and money.

  1. There is less cost to mobilise them

There are a lot of costs associated with mobilising machinery to job sites, particularly those that are based in remote locations. Multi-use machinery means fewer expenses are tied up in transporting equipment between locations.

  1. They offer a much better return on investment

Multi-use machinery helps to ensure that the owner or operator is getting the best possible return on investment with their inventory of capital equipment, so as to run efficiently, effectively and competitively.

  1. You have fewer operating costs

Anything that reduces operating costs for businesses and makes the most efficient use of resources is vital. Multi-use machinery ensures that operators can maintain a competitive edge on their services to ensure they remain successful.

  1. They require significantly reduced labour costs

Reducing labour costs is important when multiple machines and operators are required. One machine capable of performing multiple tasks enables the best use of labour to ensure staff aren’t idle, especially when labour costs are high.

  1. You get more cross skilled labour 

Multi-use equipment is of benefit to owner operators and civil contractors to ensure there is cross skilled labour on machines. It ensures they have skilled persons who can operate a machine that performs multiple tasks.

Multi-use machinery can make a huge difference to the bottom line. They create significant savings in terms of operating and maintenance costs, and offer excellent returns on capital investment for owners. The quick hitch is a cost-effective way to create multi-use machines from your existing equipment.