All that back-breaking manual work you’ve been doing – it’s a thing of the past. If you are in agriculture, civil construction or irrigation, reading this could literally change your life! You may never have heard of it before, but the materials auger bucket is brilliant for feeding out, trench backfilling and general farm use, and it also makes light work of pipe and drain laying. 

What is an auger bucket?

The materials auger bucket is a side delivery bucket that can handle large volumes of mulch, sand, soil and gravel, distributing them with accuracy and precision. The best part about the auger bucket? It easily attaches to a range of common machines you already have onsite:

  • Agricultural loader tractors
  • Telehandlers
  • Backhoe loaders
  • Wheeled loaders

Why do you need it?

Reason 1: It provides accurate placement of material

An auger bucket provides accurate and controlled pouring of material from the bucket; this is important because it reduces waste and cuts down on unnecessary labour. Being able to deliver measured quantities into a location via the bucket means huge savings on manual labour, and removes the necessity of creating an even distribution of materials by hand later on. You can read a case study here. 

Reason 2: It has numerous applications 

This hard-working bucket is capable of multi-tasking, and can perform an impressive variety of functions:

  • Back filling trenches with sand, gravel or crusher dust
  • Back filling drill holes
  • Pouring gypsum into a hopper
  • Placing mulch onto trees
  • Placing road base material onto roadside verges for repairs
  • Placing road base into wheel tracks of centre pivot irrigators
  • Placing railway ballast

Reason 3: Be rid of spade work

Throw away those shovels and spades (for the bigger jobs at least!), the auger bucket can deliver more material mechanically than could ever be achieved by hand over a very short period of time. Using the machines you already have on site it removes the time-consuming strain of manual labour, creating an even distribution of material that will save you time and money over the long term. You can see a case study here.

Reason 4: You can hire it 

The beauty of the materials auger bucket is that there is no need for a costly upfront investment. Hire-to-buy enables operators to trial the bucket on a hire agreement before committing to buy – eliminating the risk of a hefty capital outlay when you aren’t 100% sure of its capabilities. This enables operators and contractors to complete a job with minimal outlay – and to see the massive benefits for themselves.

Reason 5: Reduce waste

The measured accuracy of the materials auger bucket means that spillage and wasted material are avoided. With the ability to directly and precisely pour material into the desired location, the auger bucket guarantees a material saving of over 50%, avoiding the overspills and waste that come from human error or ineffective manual labour.

Reason 6: Save space

The compact design of the auger bucket means that space saving is second to none with this attachment, particularly when working in confined areas. Contractors working near roadways are often only granted one lane to work in by the authorities, and this can pose safety and logistical issues. The materials auger bucket enables operators to run alongside the trench to deliver material in confined spaces without difficulty.

Reason 7: Save time and labour costs

When time is at a premium, the materials auger bucket ensures you can get the job swiftly and accurately done – keeping labour costs down, and keeping stakeholders happy with a quick result. This is particularly useful for road contractors with time-critical constraints on busy roads and highways. The auger bucket can slash the time it takes to get these jobs done, reducing operator time and manual labour because it requires only one person to operate it.

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