Proving that recycling doesn’t have to be boring, these funny posters have found the humour in sensible waste disposal: saving the planet one sign at a time.


Here is our gallery of quirky recycling signs:

 Fear is a powerful motivator when it comes to changing behaviour. Bin your recyclables correctly or face the wrath of Bearshark!




 There’s always that one person in the office who has to take everything literally.



 “Hi, I’m a Minion and I am the coolest example of a recycling bin ever!”


 This image of the Statue of Liberty filled with a New York hours’ worth of waste is thought provoking and powerful.



Talk about hardcore recycling – this sign wants you to break those boxes down physically, mentally and emotionally.



Calling all geeks – Darth Vader has gone over to the green side. Join him or face the consequences.



 You had one job!



Recycling not only saves lives, it saves people from public humiliation.




Fonzie recycles. Be like Fonzie.



You are not trashy – you are compost-y! Genius.


We hope our gallery of funny signs has inspired you to start separating out those recyclables. It’s never too late to start saving the planet!