Decisions, decisions… If you are reading this you’ve been thinking about how to solve a problem that’s been plaguing you at work. The dreaded yard clean. If you’ve been “umming” and “aaahing” about whether or not to invest in an attachment sweeper, we’ve got three simple questions for you.

  1. Do you want to save time?

If you are running a business you’ll know that keeping your labour costs down by increasing productivity is one of the primary ways you can add value. Time is money, and a more productive team means a healthier looking bottom line.

Sweeper attachments are far superior to manually sweeping yards with a broom. They are quick to attach and detach from machinery and can sweep large areas significantly faster than anyone using a broom. Collection sweepers feature an easy dump option that not only collects rubbish, but makes easy work of disposal too. And forget about maintenance – sweeper attachments don’t have engines, so there is no servicing, filter changes or other upkeep required.

  1. Do you value having a clean yard?

A clean yard can mean many things to many people. To your staff, it represents that you are committed to ensuring they have a safe, tidy and hygienic place to work. It shows site visitors and customers that your team takes pride in their workplace, making it clear that you run a well-organised business that can get the job done.

A clean yard represents safety, efficiency, productivity, organisation, success. The outward appearance and general tidiness of your yard can leave a lasting positive impression on your customers and on staff morale. Conversely, the hidden cost of having an untidy yard is that your site can become less productive and become a potentially unsafe and unpleasant environment for your workers. Or see why you are cleaning your yard all wrong here.

  1. Are you sick of having to constantly clean your yard?

Cleaning your yard is one of those cumbersome tasks that seems to take forever. Like bailing out the tide with a bucket, it never ends – and no matter how much sweeping you do there is always more waste being generated.

The good news is that there are several easy solutions to the problem of tidying your site, and none of them involve the tedious manual labour and wasted manpower that comes with broom sweeping. If you work in transport, agriculture, logistics or other commercial industries we have the right sweeper attachment for your business. They will slash your cleaning time and cut down countless hours of demanding physical work. 

If you’ve answered “yes” to all of the above questions, it’s probably time to see what value a sweeper attachment can add to your business. Check out our ‘Ultimate Sweeper Buying Guide’ today!