Three Bucket Attachments
That Get Your Telehandler
Is your telehandler working as smart and as hard

Is your telehandler working as smart and as hard as you need it to? How does your current bucket keep up with all the jobs you have to do? The great thing about telehandlers is that they are easily transformed into multitasking workhorses with the simple addition of new attachments. Here are three fantastic buckets that can help you get the most out of your machine.


Attachment # 1 The TS and TL Series 4 in 1 Bucket

 What is it?

This Kerfab 4 in 1 bucket is a handy tool that can attach to any machinery handler, transforming it into a multi-tasking workhorse. Your telehandler can become a multipurpose tool for grading, grabbing and handling various materials of all shapes and forms.

Where can it work? Civil and waste applications

What can it do? This attachment is great for grabbing and picking up piles of rubble, grappling with green waste or tree trunks and as a levelling tool for back blading and scraping.

Why do you need it ?

It can perform multiple tasks such as digging, back blading or levelling and is designed to perform like any standard bucket in normal use. Being able to transform your telehandler into a multitasking machine gives you a better return on capital investment and saves time and effort onsite.


Attachment #  2 The Materials Auger Bucket


What is it?

Kerfab’s materials auger bucket is the ideal attachment for back filling trenches efficiently with precision and measure. This attachment makes easy work of delivering a vast range of materials into a specific location, and is commonly used to handle mulch, sand, soils and gravel.

Where can it work? Agriculture and civil construction

What can it do?

This attachment offers an effective way to back fill trenches, move gravel in drains, load gypsum into a hopper and pour soil into moulds, without the need for backbreaking manual labour.

Why do you need it?

Back filling trenches with precision is challenging with a standard bucket, let alone having to manoeuvre your machine 90 degrees to a trench. The materials auger bucket lets you back fill trenches easily and precisely – and without the messy overflow that comes with standard buckets.


Attachment # 3 The Concrete Mixer Bucket

 What is it?

The Kerfab concrete mixer bucket has been specially designed for intensive work with concrete, cement or mortar. These materials are generally high in volume and heavy in weight, and this bucket takes the strain out of loading, mixing and delivering concrete to difficult or remote locations.

Where can it work? Civil and construction industries, agriculture

What can it do?

The concrete mixer bucket has been enginereed to efficiently perform tasks such as loading, mixing and delivering concrete to specific locations.

Why do you need it ?

 High volume materials like concrete, cement and mortar can be heavy and difficult to distribute – this also needs to be done in a timely manner. The concrete mixer bucket takes the hassle and strain out of performing these tasks manually, and can deliver the end result with precision and efficiency.

The addition of a new bucket you can ensure that your telehandler is working hard to return your initial capital investment. The materials auger bucket, concrete mixer bucket and the 4 in 1 bucket can easily transform your telehandler into an effective multitasking machine, performing a range of vital jobs in the civil, construction and agricultural industries.