Three New Ways to Use
Your Wheel Loader
Wheel loaders were designed to
have a bucket mounted to the front

Wheel loaders were designed to have a bucket mounted to the front, in order to move large volumes of product quickly and efficiently. They can load trucks or hoppers and shift of material from one location to another. But did you know that your wheel loader can perform other tasks as well? Here are three jobs you didn’t know that your wheel loader can do. All you need is a quick hitch. 


Job # 1: All Terrain Forklift 

Your wheel loader be an all terrain forklift. On the farm they can carry fence posts, move pallets of feed, work as a shuttle for chemicals and general farm supplies, and palletise produce. In civil and construction environments they can move plastic or concrete pipes, handle building materials like timber, scaffolding and bricks and can shift concrete forming and drainage products. 

Job # 2: Log or Scrub Handling

Wheel loaders can also perform log or scrub handling tasks. The wheel loader with an attached log grab or grapple of varying kinds can handle many different tasks like handling bulk logs for unloading trucks or loading a saw mill, single logs for small mills or in the power industry, single power poles, sorting logs for size and handling large volumes of scrub, foliage or stumps. 

Job # 3: Stick Raking and Scrub Clearing 

You can also hook your wheel loader up to a stick rake, enabling the loader to be used for scrub clearing and pushing up trees and fallen limbs. This is necessary where clearing is required for revegetation, bush fire prevention, clearing for harvesting a particular tree type, clearing for development of open land or preparing and cleaning up with a view to sewing crop.

The wheel loader is already a versatile machine, but with the addition of a quick hitch it truly transforms into a multi-tasking marvel. From handling logs to clearing vegetation and acting as an all terrain forklift, the quick hitch ensures you’re making the best possible uses of your existing machine.