If you need to get the job done right, check out our list of five must-have attachments for your 4WD tractor.

These attachments will make easy work of silage season, and some of them are even capable of performing mid-sized earthmoving tasks. Here are our top five picks for attachments that will make your 4WD tractor work smarter for you.


  1. Longhorn blade

The longhorn blade is the ideal attachment for moving silage, and can tackle a range of mid-sized earthmoving tasks. Fully compatible with high horsepower four-wheel drive tractors, the Longhorn series 6-way angling capabilities provides full strength at all angles. Its hydraulic action and tilt function makes short work of most grading and earthmoving jobs and comes complete with a mesh top guard so that the material will not spill over the top of the blade – which has a fully replaceable cutting edge.


  1. Longhorn rake

The stick rake is a large blade-like attachment that has tines across the base of the unit, in order to allow small items and dirt to sift through while carrying large amounts of scrub and tree limbs. The tines often have a small cutter bar edge to cut off small saplings and trees while clearing land. The stick rake is an ideal attachment for clearing scrub and pushing up limbs and scrub into piles. It is also perfect for heavy duty jobs like clearing land, as it can handle large volumes of brush, tree limbs and assorted types of plant debris.


  1. Buck Rake with push off

When it comes to creating a silage pit, the chopped silage must be layered and compacted correctly in order to reduce the amount of air and prevent oxidation. The heavy duty buck rake with hydraulic pushoff allows you to slowly and steadily release the silage – and then compact it with your tractor so that it ensiles nicely – for an easy, quick and hassle-free silage pit experience. The heavy duty buck rake can push up to 4 tonnes (silage layers are usually around 100-150mm thick), giving you the capacity to build large silage pits quickly.


  1. Silage grass fork

Compressing silage is often a difficult and time consuming process, and must be done very carefully and thoroughly in order to prevent the silage from decomposing and becoming unusable. The silage grass fork has been engineered to handle large volumes of silage, and has been cleverly designed for pushing up and compacting silage pits. It is very solidly constructed and comes with multiple tine lengths, so it can be customised according to your specific individual requirements.


  1. Heavy duty grass fork

 The Kerfab heavy duty grass fork is designed for pushing up and compacting silage pits. It can be easily attached to and detached from ag loaders and telehandlers, so is generally compatible with equipment you already have available onsite. It has been designed for years of heavy duty silage work and comes complete with your choice of tine lengths. Available in four convenient sizes, from a width of 2100mm (9 tines) right up to our top-of-the-range grass fork spanning a width of 3000mm (12 tines).


No matter how big or small, these attachments can get the job done with a minimum of hassle and stress. For silage and small to mid sized earthmoving jobs these five attachments are the best choice for your 4WD tractor.