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The Top Five Benefits of Onboard Weighing Systems

Why Onboard Weighing?

Onboard weighing systems take the guesswork out of vehicle weights, and are increasingly popular. Find out how they can save time, make you money and keep your customers happy.

Overloading and stock loss are big issues for business. If you are in an industry where loose solids are being transported and sold by the truckload, there’s no better way to weigh your vehicles.

What is onboard weighing?

Onboard weighing systems are fitted to the vehicle itself, as opposed to fixed location equipment like weigh bridges. There are a variety of onboard systems to suit different vehicles (including light commercials and vans), allowing loads to be weighed in real time as they are loaded.

How can an onboard weighing system benefit you?

There are a several advantages to using onboard weighing systems:

1. Save time going back and forth to the truck scales

Onboard weighing systems remove the hassle of going back and forth to other locations in order to access truck scales. With measurements being taken on the spot in real time, there is no longer any need to waste time and fuel making unnecessary trips to locate the nearest weigh bridge.

2. No more loss of unnecessary stock

Overloaded trucks are at risk of stock loss, which can cost you money and your professional reputation with customers. Onboard weighing systems ensure that your trucks will always leave the depot with the correct load, and arrive at their location with the same volume with which they departed.

3. Satisfied customers who get what they paid for

With onboard weighing systems you - and your customers - can always be sure that they are getting exactly what they paid for. Onboard weighing systems take the guesswork out of load measurement techniques, with unparalleled accuracy and the ability to report data in real time.

4. Know how much weight your scoops really are worth

Counting scoops is not always an accurate form of measurement, and can change depending on moisture content and the rate of material compaction. Onboard systems let you know exactly what your scoops are worth, doing away with “guesstimates” and human error.

5. A worthy long term investment 

Ensuring your trucks are correctly loaded is a cost-saving exercise, and your onboard system will pay for itself over time. With less waste and no need to travel back and forth to weigh bridges, the savings on fuel, labour costs and vehicle maintenance will enhance your bottom line. 

If you think an onboard weighing system can improve your operations, phone us on 1800 818 079, email the Kerfab sales team at sales@kerfab.com.au, or visit us at our Kerang factory.