Two Ways to
Make Waste Disappear
The 4 in 1 Bucket

Faster, tougher and more versatile: the 4 in 1 bucket revolutionises the way we handle waste management tasks, and will change the way you work.


Here are two ways you can start making the most of your 4 in 1 bucket:

1) Grabbing

 The 4 in 1 bucket has been specially designed for grabbing piles of rubble and grappling with large volumes of green waste.  Far superior to conventional buckets, the clamshell opening on the 4 in 1 allows the operator to:

  • Grapple with large amounts of green waste
  • Compact large amounts of bulky light waste into a transportable amount
  • Shift this waste to another location without dropping it on the way
  • Clamp large rocks or logs to sort, shift or load them


2) Bulldozing and Compacting

With the bucket in the closed or open position it can be used to push up and turn over large piles of rubble and green waste, or compact waste into bins or trucks using the blade edges on each side of the clamshell. It can also be used to:

  • Bulldoze large volumes of rubbish or green waste without lifting the load
  • Compacting material into a skip bin or truck to ensure best use of space

These are just two of the critical waste handling functions that the 4 in 1 bucket makes easy – for the full range of features, download our FREE Waste Management Guide below!