GO + Range Attachments

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What is a Quick Hitch?

All Your Questions Answered

When times are tight and margins are small, quick hitches enable you to make the most of your existing machinery and attachments. The beauty of the quick hitch is that it allows you to multitask with the machinery you already have on hand.

Want to know more? Read on to discover the benefits.

What is a quick hitch? 


The quick hitch makes multi-tasking easy, but what is it? The quick hitch is an attachment front or interface that stays permanently attached to your primary machine, enabling you to quickly and easily connect other tools or accessories to the front – saving time, money and effort.

How does it operate?

Operation is simple. The quick hitch can be operated from the seat of the machine using the bucket tilt function and lift and lower of the arms. Hydraulic pin locking devices enables operation without leaving the seat of the machine, except when the attachment requires a hydraulic connection.

Why are they useful?

Quick hitches allows you to make the most of your existing machinery. This multi-tasking marvel allows you to use multiple attachments with one machine, adding the convenience of performing new tasks with your existing equipment. This makes it a cost-effective unit with high ROI on capital expenditure.

What types are available?

There are a number of quick hitch conversion kits available:

  1. Wheel loader quick hitch

This transforms a wheel loader from a dedicated bucket or forks machine to a multi-tasking universal machine. They can be manufactured to suit Z Bar and IT type wheel loaders, from 6 – 30 ton operating weight. Typically used for applications like waste, recycling, rail works, civil projects and general farming.

  1. Telehandler Adaptor & Back hoe loader quick hitch

This quick hitch transforms a back hoe loader and telehandler from a dedicated bucket or forks machine to a multi-tasking universal machine, and can be manufactured to suit many types of back hoe loaders and telehandlers. It can be used to convert an industrial back hoe loader or telehandler into a multi- tasking machine typically used on farms and remote civil and construction sites, where the loader needs to be versatile. The quick hitch adaptor is designed to enable operators to convert from one type of telehandler quick hitch to another.

  1. Ag Loader Quick Hitch Adaptor

This quick hitch is now standard on all new ag loaders, but many older models did not feature this inclusion. It adapts a standard farm tractor loader from a standard fixed pin on to a quick hitch. It is used for attaching farm accessories such as buckets, hay forks and pallet forks.

The quick hitch is a convenient and versatile attachment that can transform the way you work. Cost-effective and simple to use, the quick hitch creates the best possible machine utilisation, ensuring that your current equipment adapts to a number of useful tasks.