Cleaning your yard is a necessary evil, but one that doesn’t have to take as long as you think. It might sound strange, but we’ve found that most people are going about it in completely the wrong way. 

Put down that broom or blower

This might just blow your mind (apologies for the bad pun), but blowing and sweeping are mostly inefficient ways of cleaning, because of the labour costs involved and the time taken to clean large areas. Added to this is the fact that blowing the mess often just shifts it around – in some cases simply back to where it started.

With labour costs on the rise, this time consuming method will only become more expensive to businesses over the long term. Key members of staff are often distracted from more important tasks because they are tangled up in cleaning tasks that don’t add value to the bottom line.

Find the right attachment – and save time

The ideal solution is to take the manual labour out of the job completely. An attachment can provide a faster and more efficient way of performing this otherwise onerous task, resulting in positive impacts on staff morale and productivity. Our attachments can be attached to a forklift, tractor loader, loader, skid steer or telehandler.

We estimate that you can sweep 100m2 in approximately 40 minutes with a broom or 30 minutes with a blower (not including collection). Using the right sweeper for the job, this slashes the time to 15 minutes from start to finish, including connection times to the forklift. The long term efficiency benefits easily justify the initial outlay.

We have sweepers to suit every scenario

KerFab can offer a range of collection sweepers varying in width (1.3 – 2.2 metres) and collection type dependent on the task at hand, in addition to a simple push broom of five different widths (1.5 – 3.6 metres).

Our top pick for the agricultural sector is the Acti-Sweep, the most versatile and cost-effective option for a wide range of applications; including machine yard sweeping, grain shed sweeping, dairy track and yard sweeping.

For the transport industry we recommend the collection sweeper – it works best with a forklift, large areas of concrete and waste bins onsite. Collection “on the fly” means that you are able to quickly empty the sweeper into the bin and keep going, rather than make one bulk collection and dispose of it once the sweep is complete.

So throw away those pesky blowers and brooms, and talk to us about the best way to clean your yard.

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