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Excavator Bucket Design and Durability

Excavator Bucket Durability The durability of your excavator bucket is a key factor in your excavator buckets design. Different components and manufacturing processes are required for different materials and applications. Using an unsuitable bucket can be massively inefficient as well as detrimental to the bucket and your excavator. Kerfab’s Rhino Excavator Attachments are designed and […]

5 Things to Consider When Buying an Excavator Bucket

Which excavator bucket is right for me?

What to Consider in an Excavator Bucket There are five key things to consider when buying an excavator bucket. These are: Your Application The Heaviest/Harshest Material to be Handled What Optional Wear Accessories are Required? Coupling The Limitations of your Machine This article will briefly touch on each point, but for a complete and thorough […]

Land Clearing: Find the right attachment to make clearing a breeze

Land clearing can be back-breaking work; from clearing brush, removing trees and digging up rocks, to filling in holes smoothing furrows and hills, and removing stumps. Get the job done quickly, without hassle or injury by turning your existing wheel loader, telehandler, front-end loader, or excavator into a multi-tasking marvel. With Kerfab’s state-of-the-art Aussie-made attachments we […]

Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know About the Acti-Sweep Mega Brush!

We have compiled every bit of info you will ever need to know about the Acti-Sweep Mega Brush, such as: Product details and specs Industry applications Attachment and operation Maintenance and upkeep. Say hello to the Acti-Sweep today: Simply fill in the form at right to find out ‘Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know About […]