Five Essential Go+ Range Attachments for Agriculture

The pace of agriculture has escalated, and the pressure to produce high volumes in short time frames has never been greater. Modern farmers need a modern approach, so Kerfab has developed the Go+ range of attachments, delivered to your door within seven working days.

Get to Work Faster with the Go+ Range

Our quick-turnaround Go+ Range gives you access to our most popular selection of Australian made machine attachments in days instead of weeks. How do we do it?

1. Same day quotes

We know how time-critical your work is, so we have same day quoting and quick ordering. Send your quote request and we will get back to you within two hours.

2. Seven-day dispatch

Once you’ve confirmed your order we guarantee that we’ll ship your attachment within seven working days. That’s not a misprint! Check out our Seven Day Dispatch Guarantee.

3. Free delivery

No one likes paying for delivery, so we will send your order freight-free through our trusted network of couriers. You’ll have your attachment in no time.

Best Attachments for Agriculture

1) 4 and 5 Tine Square Hay Fork

Got loads of hay bales to shift? The square hay fork allows for the safe handling of round or square bales, either as individual units or in multiples. Perfect for stacking in sheds or hay stockpiles.

2) L Series 4 in 1 Bucket

This versatile bucket is designed for grabbing logs or rocks, pulling out fence posts, grading and levelling, so you can complete a number of different tasks around the farm.

3) Telehandler Light Materials Bucket

The perfect combination of strength and capacity, the light materials bucket comes in handy for moving high volumes of light material around your property.

4) Telehandler Rehandling Bucket

Made from high tensile steel, this versatile attachment is designed for use in bulk waste handling applications and for recycling refuse and materials over 800kg/m3 density.

5) Telehandler GP Bucket

Designed for the toughest jobs, the GP bucket makes light work of cleaning up building sites, handling rubble and transporting materials at sand and soil yards.

When time is money in a demanding market like agriculture, it’s vital to access fast solutions.

Find out how you can get your brand new attachment in just a few days – not weeks. For more information about the Go+ Range, visit www.kerfab.com.au to get your free download.


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