Excavator Buckets and Attachments

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Kerfab’s range of Excavator Buckets and Attachments is the industry-leading range of premium attachments. Strict quality control, an expert team of engineers, and over 25 years of experience has cemented Kerfab’s reputation as a leading supplier of quality attachments Australia wide.

Kerfab manufactures and supplies various styles of excavator buckets and attachments to suit almost any excavator brand and application. All of the below buckets come in standard sizes to suit excavators from 12 tonnes to 35 tonnes. We supply a standard range of GP Buckets, Mud Buckets, Tilting Buckets, Trench Buckets, Rippers, Grabs, and Sieve/Skeleton Buckets. We are also Australia’s only supplier of the patented Screed and Screed Tilting Buckets!

For more information on our range of excavator buckets and attachments, download our guide here.

Dual Radius Profile

All the excavator buckets except the screed batter, trapezoidal, tilt mud and tilt screed, have a dual radius profile. This allows the operator to be more efficient when digging, while also preventing added pressure being applied to the shell of the bucket. See diagram below, demonstrating the significant difference the dual radius design has, compared to a flat base.

dual radius profile

Our Product Range

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Alternatively, you can call our team on 1800 810 079, email us at sales@kerfab.com, or submit a quote request on each product page. Our sales team has nearly half a century of combined experience in the industry so you can be sure you are getting the best advice on excavator buckets and attachments.

We supply our range of excavator buckets to a network of dealers Australia wide so if you’d prefer to buy local, you can still buy the best – simply ask your dealer to supply a Kerfab attachment.