Rhino Adjustable System: The Ultimate in Versatilty

Rhino Adjustable System

The Rhino Adjustable System: Versatile and Cost Effective

The Rhino Adjustable System is an adjustable excavator hitch that was originally designed by Rhino Buckets and Attachments. Rhino has since merged with Kerfab, and Kerfab is delighted to continue producing the only adjustable excavator hitch of its type on the market. The pickup pins can be adjusted to suit most brands of machine thanks to the innovative design. Kerfab is bringing you the most versatile attachments on the market. The Rhino Adjustable System increases efficiency and machine utilisation in mixed fleet operations and boasts a higher resale value.

How the Rhino Adjustable System works

The patented design utilises a unique modifiable bush and spacer system that can be simply changed on-site. This, combined with the other design features, gives each attachment the Rhino Adjustable System is attached to a distinct advantage over competitors. The other design features include:

  • Interchangeable Bushes: The interchangeability makes the RAS suitable for different pin diameters
  • Eccentric Bushes: These bushes are rotatable to suit varying pin centres
  • 12 Point Bolt Rotation
  • Removable Shims: Can be easily added or removed to create accurate depth to suit boom width

How the Rhino Adjustable System saves you money

One of the key benefits of the RAS is the financial gain.

  • To keep prices competitive, Kerfab is committed to Lean Manufacturing. Each Kerfab excavator attachment designed for excavators 12T and larger can come with the Rhino Adjustable System. This allows us to keep costs down during production as we do not need to manufacture individual hitches to suit each machine and order. However, we can also fit standard ears to a bucket – especially in the case of a requirement for a direct mount bucket where a quick hitch isn’t involved
  • Mixed Fleet operators can use any attachment fitted with the Rhino Adjustable System across their entire fleet, regardless of machine make. This maximises machine utilisation.
  • Kerfab earned a reputation over the last 25 years as a designer and manufacturer of quality attachments. Our attachments are of the highest quality and are designed and built to last.
  • The longevity of our buckets and the adaptability to suit any machine means any Kerfab excavator bucket will have an increased resale value.

Each Kerfab excavator attachment over 12T comes fitted with the Rhino Adjustable System as standard. For more information on our range please visit our excavator section and download an information sheet for specifications, optional extras, and more.

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